Thursday, 13 June 2013

v05 Treat Me Right Conditioning Treatment - Review

Its feels like a bloody long time since i last blogged even though it wasn't all that long ago, maybe its just because i haven't done a review in a while?
Anyhow im back with a hair treatment ive been liking and using rather a lot of recently.

The VO5 Treat Me Right Deep Conditioning Treatment
After running out of my usual hair treatment i decided that a pop into Boots was in order and i intended on re-purchasing the treatment which i had been using previously. But after browsing the hair section of Boots for a while and getting fustrated that i couldn't find it i eventually gave up and grabbed the first treatment i saw. 
Luckily for me the treatment was this one which ive been thoroughly loving the last few weeks and here's why ...

The Texture - The only texture that really floats my boat when it comes to conditioning products is one thats,  thick, creamy and feels luxurious to the touch. Luckily for me that describes the texture of this product perfectly. 

Hair Benefits - Treat Me Right conditioning treatment contains 5 oils all which have there own unique benefits. Avocado Oil to moisturize, Argan Oil to soften and add shine, Apricot helps to revitalize, Grape Seed Oil to prevent damage and promotes growth and finally Jojoba oil helps in preventing split ends and also adds shine.   

Smell - Im not going to lie and tell you its the best smelling treatment ive used but it doesn't have a horrible smell either. In fact i would say it doesn't have one other than a subtle creamy moisturizing scent.

Results -  Using this once a week, leaving on for around 5 minutes a time i find this leaves my hair super soft, with a nice natural shine, my split ends arent as noticeable and my hair is left a lot more manageable and less frizzy than before.

Cons - The only real downside to this for me is that i don't find the results as long lasting as some of the treatments ive used in the past therefore i would probably suggest using it a few times a week to start, also because of the thick texture i do find myself using rather a lot of this at a time but with it being a 300ml tub i don't see it running out any time soon. 

All together i would recommend this product if your looking for something intense with instant results, like a product that feels luxurious without the price tag and arent looking for a long term treatment just something simple.