Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Time!

Just a quick one ... Im so late with this post, but i had such a lovely (and busy) christmas that i just didn't have the time to post before!

But just wanted to take a few minutes to say ...

I hope you all had an amazing time and received some lovely pressies and i will be back soon to do a what i got for christmas type post!

Friday, 21 December 2012

La Roche Posay Hydreane Light

With the highly recommended "La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo" being talked about so much recently i decided to go on a mission to try some more products from the La Roche Posay skincare range. I currently own both the Effaclar Duo and the Micellaire solution and im extremely impressed with both products. Therefore i decided to pick up the Hydreane Light which is basically a lightweight moisturiser for sensitive skin and is great for both day and night use. In my opinion this is one of those products that isn't talked about enough, and i love it!

The formula is very lightweight and doesn't leave that weighed down oily film that some moisturizer's leave on the skin. It applies very smoothly/easily and doesn't take forever to sink in making it perfect for applying just before makeup. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft throughout the day and would be perfect for any skin type (although they do a rich formula which may be more suitable for the dryer skin types.)

Although i think the thing that makes this brand so popular is the fact that most of its products, if not all of them are suitable for sensitive skin. With having combination/sensitive skin i personally feel its hard to cater for and there aren't that many brands that sell products suitable for both oily and sensitive skin, especially high street/drugstore brands. So its nice to know that there are products out there for this skin type that aren't going to cost an arm and a leg.

Priced at £14.50 or £11.50 online from Boots for 40ml i think this is a great product that i would highly recommend to anybody looking for a good moisturizer thats suitable for most skin types including sensitive ones.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist

I don't often do these sort of posts because i tend to stick to the same sort of products and brands and don't normally branch out and look for new things but since christmas is on its way i thought i would treat myself to a few bits and bobs so these are the things that i have my eye on ... 
1. Ojon Rare Blend hair kit £33 - Although i haven't tried many products from Ojon i have tried there Rare Blend Oil which i thought was amazing, so when i saw this little beauty on the John Lewis i wanted it instantly. The Kit contains Rare Blend Oil, Damage Reverse Shampoo and Damage Reverse Conditioner. Therefore this kit is perfect for dry over styled hair!
2. Coastal Scents Stippling Brush £7.95 - Ive never owned a stippling brush as ive always used either a buffing brush or a flat head foundation brush but coming across this one as i was browsing on Ebay i think its the perfect one. 
3. La Roche Posay Effaclar £14.50 - After hearing so many reviews about this i wanna try it for myself as i love La Roche Posay and all there products seem to be of high quality and work really well for me i especially like there mircellar water and hydreane light moisturiser.
4. Korres Lip Butter Jasmine £5  - Im really into lip butters and lip products in general at the moment and want to try a Korres one as ive always looked at them but never actually brought one haha. 
5. OPI set of 10 £30 - So i may have gone a little nail polish crazy over the last couple of weeks and have added quite a few to my collection but i seem to be lacking in OPI nail varnishes as i only have 2. I just find that i never ever use a full bottle of the polish and at £11 a pop there a tad overpriced therefore i think this mini set would be perfect.
6. Enrapture Heated Rollers £45 - Ive had my Babyliss ones for a few years now and although i don't use them too often ive had my eye on these Enrapture ones for a while now.  
7. Ciate Apple And Custard £9 - Love this colour! I don't own and haven't seen a colour thats similar to this. Its going to be perfect for next spring. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Pamper Hamper!

Pamper Hamper!

Okay so the names kinda cheesey! But to be fair i think this would be the perfect gift for any sister,mum,grandma or anybody who you think deserves a good pampering to be honest! 

Down the left hand side are some different ways in which you can package you items, just because its called a hamper doesn't mean you have to stick to the idea of a wicker basket does it? Maybe a hat box would be more suitable or a cute wash bath like the Cath Kidson one? It all just depends on what you think the recipient would prefer.

I think the most important part of any hamper isn't the content but how much thought has gone into putting it together, for example lining the bottom with coloured tissue paper or a nice fabric will both cushion the hamper (great if you have more delicate content such as perfume or powder products) whilst looking pretty. Adding petals or spritzing some perfume into the basket would also be nice!

Now for the interesting part... choosing the content. Again this will depend on people's personal preference but here's just some ideas.... 
  •  A DVD.. maybe a box set of there favourite show or a nice christmas movie?
  • Face mask, the one featured in the picture above is the REN detox mask (highly recommended for anybody with acne prone/ oily skin) Lush do some really nice ones to!
  • Hair or body oil, Ojon rare blend oil is a favourite of mine although it can be pricey.
  • Slippers who doesn't love a pair of comfy slippers?.
  •  Sleep mask or maybe even eye cream.
  • Bath Bombs, again LUSH do a wide range at affordable prices. The ones featured are Sex Bomb and Candy Cane Bubble bar.
  • Lip Scrub/Balm great for applying before bed!
  •  Bubble Bath, i love a good old bubble bath before bed and this smells amazing from Philosophy.
  • Magazine Subscription? if your on a budget how about just simply adding the latest issue of their favourite magazine to the hamper if they haven't already read it! 
  • A candle, perfect to go with the bubble bath, Neom do a great range but Yankee candles are also really nice.
  • Nail Polish, think festive colours such as reds/golds and deep purples.  
Hope this is helpful and thanks for reading!    

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beauty On A Budget!

What is Beauty On A Budget?
So i thought that it would be a nice idea to do a quick post on dupes or budget friendly versions of products that are "higher priced." Im not comparing the products in any way but simply just giving you a rough idea of similar products that you can get your hands on for at least half the price. I for one love spending money on cosmetics and whilst i like to treat myself to higher end products i do think there are great high street products that are very similar out there. Now like i said before im not going to compare the products as such being that things that work for one person won't always work for others so therefore im just going to talk about the similarities and price of them.

Benefit Porefessional - £23

The Body Shop Pore Minimizer - £7.99
In my opinion these are too products that are very very similar in what they aim to do. Both are designed to minimize the appearance of large pores are work equally as good. Both are a gel like consistency that sinks in very quickly allowing makeup to be applied smoothly.  The only difference is that The Body Shop one is a lot cheaper!

Benefit Dandelion Blush - £21 

w7 Candy Floss Blush - £4

Im a huge fan of Benefit's Dandelion blush and have used it religiously for ages, but when i discovered this candy floss blush by w7 i couldn't help but notice the massive similarities, i do however feel as though Candy floss is slightly paler than dandelion but other than that there almost identical and there both boxed and come with brushes.

OPI Rainbow Connection - £11

Technic Carnival - £1.99

 Glitter nails have become hugely popular in the last year and i think everyone has at least heard of OPI rainbow connection which retails for £11. Which i really like but for just £1.99 you can grab yourself Technic Carnival another multi coloured glitter polish which is similar and is equally as popular. Both consist of multi coloured glitter in large and medium chunks and even have the same sort of bottle!

HD Brows Palette - £22

GOSH eyebrow Palette - £8.99

  Last but not least of two very popular eyebrow palettes, first is the HD Brows kit which has become a staple thanks to Glossy Box, but at £22 i think its a little overpriced so when i hit pan on the dark brown shade i searched around for something similar and brought this little beauty, its very similar in both packaging and content but again for a fraction of the price.

So thats it, hope you enjoyed reading!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mini Reviews

Hey, so i thought it was about time i started to review products a little more as after all this is suppose to be a "beauty blog" yet i don't seem to review things that often? Anyway i just have a few things to review for now as with christmas coming up im trying to slow down spending unless its on things that are necessary.

First up is the Nivea Express Hydration Primer
Nivea Express Hydration Primer - £3.99 
Firstly i like how Nivea have created one for Normal-combination skin and one for Dry-Sensitive Skin. I did however find it a struggle choosing between them as i have combination yet sensitive skin. In the end i opted for the Normal-combination version. The consistency of the product in my opinion is perfect, a weightless gel like formula that sits comfortably on the skin feeling weightless and refreshing. With it being both a primer and moisturizer its two steps in one making it the perfect product for those early mornings where moisturizing then priming is just a chore! I don't however think it helps in making make-up last any longer but it does allow it to sit better and look smoother when first applied.

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - 
Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser - £5.99
I cheaper version of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, but not in a bad way as i think this actually works just as well. At £5.99 you get a 100ml  tube of cleanser and 1 muslin cloth. I used t use Liz Earle all the time when i was younger but at £15 i think it can be a little pricey so to find something that works as well but for a fraction of the price is great! Consistency wise its not as thick as the Liz Earle one however i think thats better in some ways as a little goes along way. I also think this would be great for all skin types (apart from the extremely dry ones) as it helps to remove makeup, deeply cleanse the skin, exfoliate. It also states that is for sensitive skin, so like cleanse&polish it isn't irritating and won't dry the skin out.

MUA Eyebrow Kit -

MUA eyebrow kit - £3.50
Two shades which can be mixed,one highlight colour and a wax.
Ive always been a fan of MUA products as i think there surprisingly good quality to say they cost very little, so when i heard about the new Eyebrow Kit i new i had to try it. I first started using eyebrow powders i few years back so since then ive tried a fair few. My favourite so far has been either the HD brows palette or the much loved Sleek Eyebrow Palette. However i do really like this one, my only issues are that it says it contains a highlight colour, im guessing its the colour next to the wax? which in my opinion isn't a very good highlight colour especially if you have yellow under tones. Secondly the packaging isn't very secure as the lid comes open easily so its really something you would be able to just chuck into your bag. Apart from that i think like all MUA products its great quality to say it retails for only £3.50 and at that price you can't complain to much. 

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Botanics Deep Pore Cleansing Mouse

I can't begin to tell you how much i love this product, its something that has been sitting in the back of my draw for a while and although ive looked at it numerous times ive always though "hmm ill use that soon" and "soon" has just never come lol.

To me this is a cleanser that would be suitable for most skin types, apart from the super oily or the extremely dry ones. But for anybody with normal,dry,oily,combo or even sensitive skin this would work well for. Its a mouse so very gentle and kind to the skin and i find that with mouse products they just seem to last longer as a little goes along way. The packaging is nice as it has a pump meaning its easy to use and travel friendly (although i do find the lid comes off very easily but that shouldn't be a problem).

Containing rosemary to protect and clarify and willow bark to exfoliate and clear it leaves skin feeling clean whilst not being to abrasive and irritating. I also find that it helps to reduce redness as its so gentle (however this may only be the case for some people as it doesn't state that is redness reducing in any way). The cleanser is also oil-free so great for people with oily skin types.

In terms of blemish clearing it does help to combat the amount of blemishes you get as i found that i didn't get hardly any whilst using this. But if you already have existing blemishes it doesn't do a great job of clearing them.

Retailing for around £6 i think this is a really inexpensive but effective cleanser that i will definatley be using more from now on :)   

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chritmas Is Coming!

My favourite time of year by far is Christmas, i love everything about it. The tree, the shopping, dark nights even going to buy the turkey gets me excited haha. Therefore i thought now was a great time to post about five things that remind me christmas is on its way ...

The world famous Coca-Cola advert. I know it sounds cheesey but i actually wait for this advert every year lol Its the little tune they do at the end that gets me! 

Christmas Scented Candles, not necessarily Yankee candles but just any that have the spicy/berry scent. This year though ive purchased the Red Berry and Cider Yankee candle which is definatley going to see me through the winter, look at the size of it!

Although they seem to go up earlier and earlier every year, i love to pop down to my local town to check out the lights and the christmas tree especially when its dark. They really light everything up and look amazing.

Starbucks Coffee - every year Starbucks bring out there Christmas favourites and this year ive been craving the gingerbread latte, plus the cups are now red!

When Boots bring there christmas brochure out you know its only a matter of time before you have to have a peak through it, plus christmas gifts are on 3for2 so it makes christmas shopping a whole lot cheaper.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Beauty&Boots Mini Haul

Ive struggled so much over the last few days trying to find something interesting to post about, its coming up to christmas which is normally the most hectic time of year for me but the last week or so has been really quiet and ive literally just been busy doing nothing for a change!

However i have had a trip or three to Boots for christmas pressie shopping but thats a whole other post haha. Today though i thought i would just keep it simple and show you some of the more basic beauty items ive picked up .....

First up is a MUA lipstick i ordered a few weeks back its in the shade "Bare" however on the label it says its Juicy? anyway i checked in store and ive defiantly recieved the right shade. Its a pretty basic Nude to be honest nothing special but just a handy colour to have really and its only £1 ... plus Superdrug have free delivery on until December 4th!

A few deodorants from Sure when i purchased these they were only £1 which is a good deal as there normally around £3. I didn't buy 3 because i stink don't worry!  but simply because whenever there is a offer on i seem to buy every shade/fragrance/colour that is available aha. 

The Nail Doctor "Ridge Filler" (the peach one) - The only nail treatment that is similar to this that i have tried is O.P.I's ridge filler which in my opinion wasn't worth the £11 price tag! This one however cost just £1.99 and its just as good as the O.P.I one.

The Nail Doctor " Nail Brightening Treatment" - Again at £1.99 i feel as though this is a bargain im a little skeptical when it comes to brightening/whitening treatments as a lot of them of rubbish but because im wearing darker colours as we approach winter i thought it would be a good idea to invest in something cheap as my nails get discolored and dull very easily and because its cheap i wont be bothered if this doesn't work wonders.

Tresseme Deep Cleansing Shampoo - I love this stuff and buy it regular, it does state that its for everyday use however i don't really use that much product on my hair just a bit of hairspray now and again so for me using this once a week just to get rid of any product build up is good.

Tresseme Dry Shampoo - After being a firm Batiste lover for many years now i thought i might try another dry shampoo see if it can live up to the much loved Batiste, ive used this a couple times now and it does work but not as good as my Batiste one unfortunately.  

Last but not least are a couple of polishes from tesco's All About Nails collection, i actually think the collection is pretty good if im honest it has a range of different colours from a light pastel yellow to dark emerald greens the shades that i picked however are Raspberry ( a purple/pink) and Sweet Cherry ( a medium red with a pink pearl finish) and they were only £1 each!

While were on that note about Tesco, i thought i would show you the boots i picked up from there a few weeks ago, i own a few pairs of chelsea boots now but they were quite expensive and not really the sort that i would wear to walk the dog in or step out in the snow wearing however when i spotted these i thought they were the perfect pair, they were cheap enough not have to worry about getting dirty but at the same time they don't look that cheap and i think might even  prefer them to a the pair that cost me double the amount ....

Faux Leather Tan Chelsea Boots - £12 Tesco

Thanks for reading x




Monday, 5 November 2012

Chritmas Gift Ideas: Mens

Chritmas Gift Ideas: Mens
 A week or so ago you may have read my girls christmas gift idea post. With having a good response to that one i thought i would continue to do the same sort of post but for men/boys. I have picked out these items with a no sort of age category in mind so therefore im hoping it will be suitable for anybody from your boyfriend to your grandad. With saying that though i may still do a post aimed at the older generation with gifts such as slippers/DVDs etc as i personally find my grandma and grandad the hardest people to buy for at this time of year. So before i start rambling  on about unnecessary things ill begin...

Moustache Tee - This ones from River Island and retails for £12 but you can find different styles almost anywhere atm as moustache's are proving to be popular this season. A cheap and cheerfull gift that i think a range of men would enjoy wearing.

Lynx Shower Gel And Spray Gift Set - I don't know a man who doesn't love lynx there are just so many scents to choose from so your bound to find the perfect one for him. At £6 i think these are great stocking fillers or are nice to give on there own as they don't cost a fortune. How about buying a few different ones so he never has to rush out to buy shower gel again!

Mr Grumpy Mug - My family likes to give out little cheerful gifts such as this at christmas time and there are a range of different Mr men mugs to choose from so one for everybody. Debenhams £6

Ralph Lauren Hat - £40 might seem a little expensive for a hat but he's gonna love this Ralph Lauren one and again there's loads of different colours to choose from. And if he's not a lover of hats check out the rest of there stuff such as there polo's and jumpers.

Asos Armani Exchange Watch - Want to treat him this christmas he will never be late again and will always look great wearing this Armani watch. I know men are fussy when it comes to jewelery and watches but i really think this would suit a range of people as its big, gold and is defiantly on trend.  A little pricey at £185 but i personally think its worth every penny!

Dolce&Gabbana The One For Men - With so many different fragrances to choose from, finding the right one can be hard especially when your buying for a man. My boyfriend loves this though and i know quite a few men who do so this may be a safe bet. If not then you could always trick him into telling you which one he would pick if he was to have a choice.

Family Guy Box Set - I couldn't find a picture of the box set itself but i know that family guy is popular with a lot people especially men and you can pick up season 1-6 for just £40. If not family guy there are loads on amazon for under £50.

Brain Blasterz Candy -  Whilst on a spree in River Island the other day i noticed they had quite a sweetie section going on. A great stocking filler?

Beats By Dr.Dre Headphones - These are a little hit and miss as there not up everyone's street. But for those men who like to listen to music on the go these would be perfect! This particular pair cost around £124 but my boyfriend has a pair so speaking from experience there well worth the money.

Xbox Kinect Bundle - Its been around for a while now, so even if he has the Kinect already why not get him a couple extra games or im sure he would be grateful for Halo 4 thats coming out soon or so im told haha.

Vans - These were the first thing that popped into my head when thinking of mens christmas presents there just so easy to get hold of and can be purchased from a wide variety of places. I found these blue ones at office for £42 but the prices range and if there smaller than a size 6 there way cheaper!

Phone Case - As seen in my gift guide for girls i don't really think you can go wrong with a phone case as they prices start from as little as £2 and there are just so many to choose from.

Other idea's would be .... A gift experience card (boots do some great ones!)  a gift voucher for his favourite store? or maybe a surprise weekend away or day trip (something he can really look forward to)


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mua Haul

Hey just me again ... recently i stopped by the Mua stand in superdrug, something i don't normally do as i find there products to be a little hit and miss. But after hearing that they have brought out there own version of the Caviar Manicure i thought i would take a peek. I also picked up some of there cream blush which i had heard really good reviews about and one of there love heart collection polishes as it was the only shade in the collection i hadn't already got. And whilst making an online order i purchased a lipstick in shade Bare (i have shade juicy on its way as we speak as well haha).

Sorry for the crappy picture it was taken whilst dark outside. 
 Mua caviar manicure beads - I was really happy to know that a high street brand had finally released a cheaper version of the caviar manicure. Whilst the Ciate ones were really nice, they were a little overpriced in my opinion. The Mua beads can either be brought on there own (unlike the Ciate ones) or can be brought in a set with a base polish. These a lot of different ones to choose from i personally want to get my hands on the white and pink ones next and there's defiantly something to suit everybody. Plus there only £3 which is a complete bargain!

Mua love hearts collection polish in shade: u r fab - the photo didn't really do these products justice (which i apologize again for) but in real life this is a gorgeous purple shade with a red hint to it. Defiantly the best one in the range for Autumn/winter.

Mua cream blush in shade: blossom - After hearing all the talk of these being really good, i finally gave in and purchased one even though i don't normally like cream blush ( i find them quite annoying to apply and blend) I like the consistency of these but there is just no colour, i literally applied three/four layers of this to my hand to try and swatch and still barely a hint of colour. Its probably just this particular shade to be honest so im going to go swatch some others in store next time im in superdrug. But apart from the distinct lack of pigmentation i think they are bang on with the consistency as they seem to be really easy to blend.

Mua lipstick in shade: Bare - I love Mua's new range of lipsticks, i wasnt a big fan of the colour choice in there older range but i think there newer ones are much more on trend. Bare is a simple but lovely nude shade but its a rather dark nude so it doesn't make you look to washed out. I also mentioned that i have shade Juicy on its way which is a mid coral colour (gonna be perfect for next spring/summer).

Thanks for reading (sorry again for the bad pictures blame the dark evening lol) next post is going to be a boys/mens christmas gift guide.   

Friday, 2 November 2012

Woodland Insperation

Woodland Insperation
Just a quick post from me today as im about to go out for a lovely meal, but before i go i put together some lovely pieces inspired by woodland animals. Ive noticed in my last few shopping trips that there seems to be a bit of a woodland theme going on at the moment and thought i would get in on the action by showing some pieces ive found and love!   

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Autumn Nails - RougeMarie

Hey There,

I was recently sorting through my nail polish draw when i found this little beauty. Its a MAC cream nail varnish in RougeMarie now im a huge fan of red nails especially oxblood/wine reds so im shocked that i let this slip to the back of the draw!
I personally am wearing two coats of this but you could stretch to three or might even get away with one as its pretty opaque. If im honest its not the easiest of polishes to apply (i think the brush could be with being a little wider) but other than that its a lovely colour that stays without chipping for a good amount of time. You could even wear it with a pretty glitter polish over the top such as the new Ruby Crush from Rimmel (HERE) or Disco Inferno by Models Own (HERE) would look really pretty too, especially since where hitting the festive season.

MAC - RougeMarie (Two Coats) 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chritmas Gift Ideas: Girls

Chritmas Gift Ideas: Girls

Hey everyone, can you believe that christmas is only a couple of months away?
This year has gone way to fast! Now that all the shops have there christmas products and brochures out i thought this would be the perfect time to do a selection of christmas gift idea posts, starting with gift ideas for girls/women. 
Marc Jacobs Dot Gift Set - Everybody loves a good fragrance don't they? and with so many to choose from it can be hard finding the right one for yourself never mind somebody else. One that is been popular with many people since its release however is Marc Jacobs DOT for £50 you get Shower Gel, Body Lotion and a 50ml bottle of the fragrance. 
Soap&Glory Shower Trip Travel Bag -I think this gift would be perfect for a range of woman, something you cant really go wrong with. Withing the gorgeous gift bag you get 6 amazingly scented travel sized products including Clean On Me Shower Gel, The Righteous Body Butter, The Scrub Of Your Life Body Scrub, Hand Food Hand cream, Calm One Calm All Body Wash, Girligo Body Mist, Shower Puff ...thats all for just £18.

Real Techniques Core Collection - A collection of 4 super soft, professional quality makeup brushes all in a simple chic case so great for travel. Im a lover of makeup and i own these brushes myself and i would defiantly recommend trying them or buying them for somebody as you get a range of brushes so there great for both people who are just starting out using brushes and for people who want to add to  there collection. These retail for £21.99 which i personally think is a bargain. 

Ciate Mini Caviar Collection - Remember when the caviar manicure hit the shelves and everybody went nuts for them? well now Ciate have created a miniature collection so you can try them all out! Girls who love to do there nails will adore these as a gift or maybe you fancy treating yourself for just £20?
GHD Pink Cherry Blossom -  I know GHD have been around for ages now and alot of people will have either already owned a pair or currently own a pair but i just love the design of these Cherry Blossom ones and i think anybody who hasn't tried GHD's before will love these. They retail for around £129 which is a little pricey but if your not prepared to splash that much cash then they are really good alternatives you can pick up in boots/superdrug that do the same job. 
Models Own Wonderland Collection -  I like how models own do "box sets" of there collections for just £20 because if you were to buy these polishes separate your looking on paying around £30. There are lots of collections to choose from over on there site but i think this "wonderland collection" are the perfect colours for the festive season. 

Joules Bow Wellies - A good old pair of wellies, now there's a pressie you cant go wrong with. These pair come in Khaki, Black and Pink so a colour to suit everybody's taste. The bow on the front gives them a little quirkiness and at £33 i think your getting a pretty good deal as there great quality and would last for years. 
Phone Case -  This is just an example that i found on the internet but a think a phone case is the perfect stocking filler, you can find them anywhere and for a range of prices starting at £3 working there way up to £50.
Ted Baker Ipad Case - Like with the phone case Ipad or any kind of tablet cases are easy to find however from the minute i laid eyes on this little beauty in John Lewis i loved it! There about £50-£70 pounds and come in a range of colours, my favourite being the rose gold one with black bow. You could also use them for storing notes etc or anything thats small and slim enough to fit inside for that matter.
Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watch - A more luxurious pressie now, great for a sister, mum or girlfriend. This particular one retails for £229.00 and thats one of the cheapest and they have a few to choose from so if unsure i would defiantly check with the person which one they would like if any especially as they have a big price tag. But with saying that just imagine the persons face when they open this. 
St Tropez Mini Bronze - Go on admit you would like to be a little tanner during winter time? well maybe not everybody but for those of you who do or if you know somebody that would like to then these are the perfect little pressie. There small enough to fit in a stocking or good enough to be put under the tree. You really cant go wrong with these. Containing, bronzing lotion, tan optimizer body moisturizer, tan optimizer body polish. All for £15.
Hope you enjoyed reading and ill be back to do a christmas gift guide for men soon! 


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Favourite Drugstore Products

So this post has been on my "to do" list for a while now but i always find it a struggle to pick out my favourite products whether they be high-end or high-street, there's just to many good ones!

Well i finally managed to narrow it down to 10 of my favorites, most of these i have been using and repurchasing for at least a year and a lot of them have been around for absolutely ages so there super easy to get your hands on.

Gosh nail polish in Miss Mole ... A medium brown polish, perfect for Autumn. This is the only Gosh polish that i own but i would defiantly purchase more as there drying time is good and this lasts on me for about 4+ days without chipping. 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent -  If your like me and have combo-oily skin then a setting powder is probably a must for you, although i do generally steer towards loose powders ive found that this is one probably the best one ive tried.  
Natural Collection Blush in Sugar Plum - This is one of those products your just cannot fault, decent packaging, a cheap price tag, lasts long... there is an endless lists of positives about this product. Although it looks a little scary in the pan (quite purple) when applied and blended out its a beautiful dark/rosey pink colour.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Im sure everybody has heard of this and read at least one review on this product so im not going to sit here and bang on about something thats already been raved to death about. One thing i do won't to know though is why this brand have changed there name from Collection 2000 to Collection yet they still print Collection 2000 on there packaging?
 Collection Lock N Hold in Rock Sand -  I had been looking for a nice nude lipgloss for a while as a lot of ones on the market aren't that pigmented and great. But this one i do love, i like the packaging for a start and at £2.99 you cant really go wrong plus this is super pigmented so there's no need to apply layer after layer. The only downside to this is that its states up to six hour wear, there is no way this is gonna last for 6 hours as it only lasted an hour on me however i can live with that as it ticks all the other boxes for me. 
2True foundation in Sand - Ill be honest in the fact i wasnt sure whether to include this in my favourites as i don't really use it all that much and im not even sure why i purchased it. However the times that i have used it, its been great, it lasts long has a natural coverage and feels weightless on the skin. The only reason i dont use this more is because i like a more medium/full coverage foundation but this would be perfect otherwise. Plus its only £1.99 and at that price foundations aren't normally to good unlike this one.
Rimmel Wow Lash Mascara - Oh how i love this mascara, if your looking for a volumising mascara than this is for you. they also do a mega wow one which ive only tried a couple of times but this one does the job just fine for me. it has a medium sized bristle brush which grabs the lashes really well and only need a couple of coats to make a big difference. To get length as well though i would recommend pairing this with something else as its simply volume only im afraid. 
No7 Lipgloss in Smile -Again another super pigmented and non sticky gloss. This provides a nice colour that lasts for a reasonably long time without being sticky or feeling tacky on the lips. And its a beautiful dusky pink colour which could be paired with so many lipsticks. 
No7 Eyeshadow in Truffle - Im not normally one for eyeshadow however i seem to be going through a phase of gold/brown and anything neutral atm. This ones nicely pigmented with a slight shimmer so could be worn day or night. 
MUA polish - I do love MUA polishes although im not sure they have the best colour range i do like alot of them and like the GOSH one i think this is one of my favourite colours for this season. At £1 you cant really go wrong. 

There we have it my favourite Drugstore products, there are so many more that i love and im always up for trying new things so if you have any favourites then all recommendations are welcome :)


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hair Care Routine

Hair Care Routine

Hey Everyone, ive been wanting to do this pot for a while now but i couldn't find a good enough way of grouping all the products together to take pictures so i decided to use photos from the internet (therefore these photos do not belong to me.) Also all of these products are easily available in the UK but some may be harder to find in different countries. To be honest i don't really own that many hair products as i tend to stick to what i know and don't really try that many different ones as i love what im using currently. So without further adieu ...

  • Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo - This has been a firm favourite of mine for at least a year now, it really is an amazing product it just makes your hair so soft and smooth. Its great if you have either dry/damaged hair or you have long hair like mine as its really moisturizing and helps with things such as split ends. The price is really reasonable as well £5.99 for 500ml which lasts a fairly long time. 
  • Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner - Like its other half ive been using this for ages, its the only conditioner that ive used thats both super moisturizing and conditioning without weighing the hair down. It smells lovely as well a real sweet bubble gum scent so yummy!
  • Tresseme Paddle Brush - A tad boring i know but this is the only brush i really use on my hair apart from a wide toothed comb (when its wet) i just love the way they glide through the hair and there great if you have long hair me and just want something easy to use and gentle. 
  • TIGI catwalk salt spray - Fairly new product for me, ive tried other "textering" products before but never a salt spray so i don't really have anything to compare it to unfortunately. Saying that though this has had many good reviews and for me i don't feel as though i need to try any others as this ticks all the boxes. The one thing i cant stand is when you wash your hair and then use products that are sticky and weigh it down, and this definatley doesn't do that its so lightweight and is a fine mist so you really cant tell you have used anything. And with trying to stay away from heated tools for a while this has really helped to give a bit of style to my hair as its so easy just spray,scrunch and go. 
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - I don't really find myself using dry shampoo's all that often as i wash my hair every other day and it doesn't seem to get oily that quickly (hense why i buy the mini bottles) but when i do use this i love it. Mainly because it smells so damn good! Plus it adds a tad of volume to your hair which i find other brands of dry shampoo dont. 
  • Ojon Rare Blends Oil - Lets start by pointing out that this product is completely unique its blend of seven oils make sure your hair is getting everything it needs in just one treatment. The product claims to help, soften,smooth, boost shine and help protect towards heat damage. And it does just that, i normally use it about once a week and ive really noticed a difference.
  • Bed Head Urban Antidotes Shampoo&Conditioner - I know some people think this is an old wife's tale but i do believe that hair gets used to shampoo and conditioner if the same one is used constantly for a long period of time therefore every now and then i switch from using Aussie to using Bed Head just to shock my hair (that sounds strange i know) Now unless your gonna purchase these from a salon there pretty hard to get hold of so i normally purchase mine from Ebay, there basically a restoration shampoo and conditioner that restore hair back to a healthy state. (great if you have dry hair, use a lot of heat on your hair, dye your hair etc) Now im a person who will try anything that claims to help unhealthy hair so these for me are "holy grail" items and i dont think i could find anything that works better and quicker than these.
  • Tresemme Heat Defence Smooth Spray- This smells amazing for a heat denfence as they normally don't really smell of anything but this smells fruity and lovely. The constancy of the product is more of a mist then a spray i would say making it all the more better as you don't end up with wet strands after using it. I use this all the time, when im blow drying, straightening and it honestly works wonders in keeping your hair from frazzling.
  • Tresemme Hairspray - Not really all that much to say about this, its a hairspray its nice not particularly special but it holds your hair in place for a long time so it will do. Im a sucker for buying things cause there on offer so i normally just pick up whatever hair is on offer at the time.
  • Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo - If you use alot of hair products or feel like you have used a product that hasn't quite washed out with regular shampoo than this is for you. I use this about once i week just to give my hair a deep and thorough cleanse after ive used my oil treatment. It just makes hair feel weightless and you never have to worry about product build up.
So there we have it all of my hair products in which i use regularly, one thing that i have left out is Mogador hair oil which i have already reviewed but i thought i would use up the last dregs of my Ojon oil before using the Mogador oil. 
What products are you favourite when it comes to hair?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation Review

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be about the Clarins skin illusion foundation. I picked up the magazine InStyle a few days back mainly because it had a benefit freebie within it however as i was flicking through the magazine i noticed that there was a sachet of the Clarins foundation. Now ive never tried any Clarins products before as they have never really appealed to me but i thought i would save the sachet and give it go. Now in my opinion you can never really tell whether or not you like a product by just testing it out the once, so when i visited my local department store the other day i thought i would drop by the Clarins counter and pick up a sample pot of the foundation so i could do a proper review on it. On first impressions it looked Okay i mean the product comes in your typical glass bottle with a pump nice but nothing out of the ordinary. However as i was applying it i realized how much i actually like this foundation. First off it smells really nice (im a sucker for anything that smells nice) it defiantly reminds me of watermelon. Secondly it applies like a dream the only other foundation i have ever used that applies as smoothly and as easily as this does is one by Avon (cant remember which one sorry) it just feels so soft on the skin and has a real weightless feel to it. The coverage i would say is a medium coverage but its defiantly build able. The staying power i would say is pretty average it lasted on me for around 6 hours which is pretty good considering i have oily skin and i don't think this is oil free. The finish is really nice to not completely dewy but not matte either a nice middle ground. It does confuse me a little when it talks about being a skin illusion foundation? I don't personally think it does anything that other foundations haven't so i wouldn't say its unique in any way however if somebody asked me to recommend a good yet simple higher end foundation this would probably be it. Another thing that i forgot to mention earlier is that it has a SPF 10 which is good if your like me and don't use any other products containing a SPF.  

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation retails for £27.00 (thats in Selfridges it could be cheaper elsewhere)     

Monday, 15 October 2012

Current Skincare Products

Current Skincare Products

Hey everyone, 
So i thought it was about time i did a post on my favourite skincare products, now im currently using all of these some in the day, some at night but at some point or another they all help in keeping my skin blemish free and moisturized.
First up are two Neutrogena products that i have been using for quite some time now and in my opinion have really helped with clearing my skin. I don't have Acne or particularly bad skin but i tend to go through phases of having clear skin for a few weeks and then a "bad" week where i get a load of blemishes at once.The first product thats really helped is the Neutrogena 2in1 wash and mask, i don't use this as a mask but just as a daily wash. Some people have said that this dried out there skin and didn't really work for them so if you have sensitive skin or dry skin then this product probably wont be for you, however with having oily skin i feel as though this has been a skin savior for me. It really helps to fight current blemishes and keep others at bay, whilst making your skin feel squeaky clean. Another product that i love by Neutrogena is there oil free moisturizer, now i used to use this day and night but ive found another moisturiser i prefer to use during the day so this is now becoming my night cream. Again i dont think this would be suitable for dry skin as it is "oil free" and not designed to add any extra oil as such, but saying that it does leave skin moisturized enough and doesn't strip the skin of any of its natural oils. 

Madara Moisturizing Gel whilst on the topic of moisturizers another of my favorites is Madara this is more of a luxury product as it retails for £27 and is pretty hard to get your hands on (i purchase mine from Feel Unique) this is my day moisturizer as i don't feel that it would be moisturizing enough to use both day and night but its great if you have oily - really oily skin as its a gel rather than a cream so it feels much lighter and nicer on the face and works really well at giving a "comfortable" amount of added moisture. 
Balance Me Eye Cream the first time i got my hands on this little beauty was in a magazine (it could have been Marie Claire) i didnt really think much of it and it kind of got stuck at the back of my draw, but last month i found it again and i can safely say its a lovely product. I have never really been one for using eye creams as ive always felt i haven't really needed them. But ive been using this one daily and ive really felt a difference around my eye area. This has a lovely smell to it as well, you cant really tell once you first sqeeze it out the tube but after applying it you get a gorgeous but subtle scent of apricots.
Burts Bees Lip Balm a lip balm is a lip balm apart from saying that it makes my lips feel super soft and nice there isn't really much else to say although i am dying to get my hands on one of there tinted lip balms as they look lovely.  
Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser  over the last few years ive tried alot of Lush products but if there's one that i would re-purchase over and over again it has to be be this, its designed to be used as an everyday cleanser which is perfectly fine although ive always used it as a weekly mask. It helps to reduce redness (which is a problem of mine) whilst keeping the skin to feel fresh and blemish free. I don't think that this would combat any current blemishes but by deeply cleansing the skin i do feel as though it would help to fight off any unwanted bacteria and help to clear blackheads. 
Bioderma Micellaire Water i think every blogger and there friend has either tried this or has at least read up about it so im not going to go into much detail other than its a cleansing water thats brilliant at removing makeup and just cleaning the skin in general. I wouldn't personally use this instead of a wash or on its own as i don't think that it would remove every last scrap of makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin well enough however to use after washing your face or as a makeup remover before doing a separate cleanse/wash i think this it's perfect, especially if you have sensitive skin and aren't looking for anything to harsh.     

Last but not least is my Simple Eye Makeup Remover before discovery this i got into the habit of grabbing a facial wipe and rubbing everything off as it just seemed the quickest and easiest way to get things done. But after trying one of my mums eye makeup removers i will never put a wipe near my eyes again. Eye makeup removers are designed for a reason, and that reason being is that there gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area, whilst being effective enough to remove tough makeup such as waterproof mascaras and liquid liners. I think this one particular retails for £3.39 for a whopping 125ml which lasts me for ages and ages. 

and so thats it i hoped you enjoyed reading, which products are you loving this month?


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mogador Hair Oil and TIGI Let it be - Reviews

Hey everyone, so i picked these two products up in TK Maxx a week or two ago and have been using the hair oil in particular ever since. The Mogador Hair Oil was £4.99 and the Leave In Conditioner By TIGI was £4 or around about that price. In my opinion i picked up two great bargains as the Hair Oil normally retails for around £14 plus depending on where you buy it, and the Conditioner by TIGI normally is £5 (again price varies)

Mogador Hair Oil - 
The first thing that attracted me to this product was the packaging as it looks like a medicine bottle which is a little unusual for a Hair product as there normally packaged in a plastic tube/bottle of some sort. Never the less i think the glass bottle makes it look all the more expensive (probably not such a good idea to travel with though.) Also this smells amazing! i cant really describe what the smell is but its just very sweet without being to overpowering or sickly. On to the actually product now i know most people apply hair oils after they shower and onto damp hair but even with applying it onto damp hair i feel as though they still have a tenancy to make my hair oily quickly. Therefore ive been applying it about half an hour before i shower and then rinsing it off and shampooing my hair. Now some people would think that with doing that the product isn't working properly but this is just what works for me. I mainly concentrate the oil on the ends as i feel this is the driest part of my hair and with getting split ends a lot the oil has really helped to soften the hair and stop it from breaking so easily. Also its made my hair feel super soft and nourished without weighing it down or leaving feeling greasy like some oils have in the past. All in all i would defiantly recommend this product as its one of the best argan oils i have tried and although i haven't used many for a long period of time ive tried a lot.   

TIGI Let It Be Leave In Conditioner -
Ive tried many TIGI products in the past and ive loved all of the ones i have tried however for me this was a little disappointing and i expected it to be better than it actually is. I cant complain as it cost less than a fiver but to say that TIGI is one of the top brands when it comes to hair care to me this just didn't live up to what i expected it to do. The two good things about this are the smell (because it reminds me cherry bakewell) and because its part of there Love, Peace and the Planet range which aims to help the planet by having recyclable packing and more natural ingredient within the product. Apart from these two positives there isn't really much else to say about this as ive used better treatments in the past, although this has had a lot of good reviews this just wasn't for me and i don't think i would re-purchase it or recommend it for the simple reason it didn't make a difference to my hair (not that i was expecting miracles or anything).

So thanks for reading let me know what you think of these products if you have ever tried them and ill be back soon to do my hair care routine post!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Anna Dello Russo for H&M
Anna Dello Russo Collection For H&M   

Oh how i love this collection, the bright colours, the big statement pieces ... everything is just so beautiful!

I stumbled across this collection when i was browsing the H&M website a few days ago and i new i just had to post about it. I defiantly think this is one of the best collaborations H&M have ever done with anybody and i think that there is a little something to suit everyone within this collection. At the moment ive been mainly eyeing up the jewelry, it just looks so beautiful and eye catching. As you can see from the pictures above all the pieces are very big and bold. Other pieces include clutch bags and sunglasses. All which include great attention to detailing and have an "expensive" sort of look about them. Prices are reasonable to ranging from £25 for one of the more basic rings to £60 for one of the gorgeous bags.

What collections/pieces do you have your eye on?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beauty Haul

Wow! i haven't done a haul post in forever, mainly because ive accumulated a large number of products that i just haven't been using due to having too many "of the same" products. For example i have about 15 shower gels that are either full or only half empty! See what i mean? so rather than keep hoarding products ive decided to only buy stuff what i am either totally out of or happens to be on an offer that i would kick myself if i missed.

TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx if your in the US) ... ive read so many posts on products people have gotten from TK Maxx recently and if you haven't already been to check them out let me tell you, you are missing out. Normally i don't go into TK Maxx unless its just to pass some time (to be honest) but with them stocking brands such as Bed Head, Macadamia and OPI at the moment i thought it was just too good to miss. So here's what i picked up apart from the (Shower Gel and ren-gen cream which are both from Home Bargains) ...

 First up ...
 Mogador (Argan) Hair Oil - the only other hair oil that i have ever really got on with is The Ojon Rare Blend oil so when i picked this up i was skeptical that it wouldn't match up to the Rare Blend One that i had fell in love with. How wrong was i? Its my new favorite hair product. I love it, first off the smell is gorgeous a real creamy, sweet smell (one that you would sniff all day long if you thought you wouldn't look like a weirdo) Despite having never heard of the hair brand "mogador" before they apparently are a high end brand with this product retailing for £14-£20 depending on where you purchase. I luckily got it at a bargain £5 and have used it a couple of times already. I am going to do a full review when ive had the chance to use it a few more times.

Essie Nail Polishes - These came in a pack of four. At only £10 i saved over £20 as they normally retail at around £7 each. There were a few different packs to choose from but for me these colours stood out the most, within the pack i recieved:
  • Tour De Finance (a beautiful hot pick with blue undertones very similar to Ciate Jellybean)
  •  To Buy Or Not To Buy (a lilac with a subtle pink and blue shimmer)
  • Orange Its Obvious (a bright and vibrant Orange, going to be great for the summer months)
  • Navigate Her (a Olive Green thats going to be the perfect Autumn colour)

TIGI Love,Peace and Planet Cherry Almond Leave-In Conditioner - Oooooo this is so yummy! (not that ive tasted it but boy do i wanna) If anybody has ever tried Cherry Bakewell Tart, this is the smell. At this moment in time i cant really give a review on this product as i haven't tried it yet, but there will be a review on this soon!

Last but not least i nipped to Home Bargains on the way back home and i picked up some Ren-Gen cream, in which works a treat for those horrible marks that spots leave on the skin. Then i just grabbed some Possibility Peppermint Shower Gel, because im a sucker for scents like this!

So there we have it my little beauty haul, hopefully there will be lots more hauls to come over the next few months, thanks for reading x  

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nubar Nails

If there's a nail brand that in my opinion doesn't get enough credit in the blogging world atm its Nubar Nail Polish. If you have never heard of this brand which is unlikely but just in case.. they are a brand aimed at creating Nail Polish that is "healthy" for the nails, all there polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. Chemicals found in many polishes known to cause cancer, birth defects etc. Another great thing about Nubar Nail Polish's is that they are all Vegan and Cruelty Free. Along with this they have a great range of beautiful and on trend colours to choose from.

Strawberry - from the jellybean collection

Quality - i own 6 Nubar polishes and they are all of great quality i find they last around 5 days without chipping on my nails which is good to say some polishes from other brands don't last a day without chipping. I also like the way that this polish applies as its quick and fuss free (the brush size is really good too.)  

Toasted Marshmallow - perfect for Autumn. 

Colour - The colours are really lovely and there is defiantly a great choice. There all really opaque meaning you only have to apply 2 coats (apart from some of the creams/champagne colours in which you have to apply 3.) Drying time is reasonable to i wouldn't say that there the fastest drying polishes but they are average. 

Kiwi - Another from the Jellybean collection

Other products - Nubar do a lovely selection of nail treatments and nail art brushes to. But with not having purchased any of these i feel it would be fear to comment on them. Although i have my eye on there Cucumber cuticle oil. 

Hyacinth - a purple with a sparkle

Where to Buy and price - Nubar is sold through a variety of online shops such as beautyshed and CultBeauty. The price in my opinion is reasonable ranging from £6.95 for a standard polish. 

Cayman Coral

All in all i defiantly think that Nubar are worth checking out if your like me and you like a good quality polish at a affordable price!

Pink Lily

Thanks for reading, sorry that the pictures aren't taken by myself. My playbook in which i use to take pictures has died r.i.p so these will have to do for now until i get myself another camera of some sort!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Graze Box!

Food Layout
Box Content
Info Leaflets
Graze Box

So when i got a leaflet through my door about food box, Graze i thought they were such a good idea. I sure do love my food and these boxes are just so yummy! The idea behind them is that you make an account on there website Here and choose the foods in which you would like to either;
  • Bin (meaning you don't like the food and therefore never want to receive it)
  • Try ( you would be happy for the food to be included in your box)
  • Like (these foods will be included in most boxes you recieve)
  • Love (these foods will be included in nearly every box)

 Once you decided which foods you would like to either bin,try,like or you love, you will then be asked to select a delivery day, which i think is a great option especially if you are a busy bee like me. Once you have selected your delivery day you can expect a box to arrive every week on that day. Within the box will be four delicious foods for you to try. The proportions of the foods are snack size as all of the foods are snacks.

Onto the fun part... In my box i received...
  • Smocked Paprika Garlic&Thyme Rustic Marble Bread ( a soft doughy bread with smoked paprika and a sprinkle of garlic&thyme.)
  •  Scrumtious Blueberry Swirl (a mix of yogurt&blueberry raisins,raspberry infused cranberries and blackcurrants.
  • Honeycomb Crunch (milk chocolate coated honeycomb, sultanas and almonds)
  • Tomato Dipinetti (herb breadsticks with a tomato and rosemary dip)
  The box also included a leaflet about the company and its aims and a little guide to each food you have personally received explaining about the key nutritional's and when each food should be ate by etc.

The Company Itself was started by 7 friends a few years back and aims to invent snacks that show off "healths more pleasurable side." Everything in the graze boxes is as natural and organic as possible and the box itself and its content are all recyclable.  The boxes are £3.89 however you can purchase your first box half price at just £1.94. Also when you purchase 5 boxes the fifth box if free!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, 24 September 2012

PassionForFashion Blogger Challenge!

I for one love to do little blogger challenges like this one as i just love to look at all the beautiful clothes online. So when i heard about the Money Super Market - Passion For Fashion challenge i jumped at the chance to take part.

They say "We're looking for bloggers to publish a blog post featuring five different outfits for different occasions; party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear, creating the ultimate autumn/winter wardrobe. To do this, browse your favourite online fashion retailers and pick different items which will complement each other to create a fabulous autumn/winter look for each category. Each outfit should be under £200, and include all aspects of an outfit, including shoes and accessories."

You should credit the source in which you got your photos/pictures and explain why you think your outfit is great value and will stand the test of the British winter. Within your post you should provide the THIS LINK and when your done send them an email containing your post for you chance to win!

Casual Outfit

Topshop Army Jacket - I loved Zara's version last fall and this winter ive fallen for Topshop's version. At £65 its a decent price for a coat that will last for years to come as its great quality and one of those staple pieces that can be worn year after year. With its light weight material its a coat that can be worn on many occasions whether its to throw on in a hurry or to dress up on a chilly night out. Its leather sleeves give it some edge and with khaki set to be a favorable colour this a/w you'll look very on trend. 
Topshop Black Body con Dress - In my opinion you can never go wrong with a LBD and with this coming just above the knee its the perfect casual length. Being body con and figure hugging it was the right style to team with more "boxy and oversized" items such as the boots and coat. Its high neckline also gives it a daytime appropriate look and allows you to team it with almost anything from a collar to a big statement necklace like ive chosen. 
Topshop Socks - £3 we all need to keep our toes warm in winter and with thrill detailing on the top they give an outfit that "finishing" look. 
Missguided Boots -  It was either these or some Chelsea boots but i thought these might work better with a midi length dress and socks. I love there wooden heel the fact that there platforms make them more comfy than your standard heels. There £35 which is more than half the price you would pay for a pair of real Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. 
Silver Statement Necklace - £17 via eBay, oh how you can find some great bargains on eBay. I love this necklace and i think it makes the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise "plain" outfit. Worn on the neckline of the dress i think it just spices things up a little and i honestly think that it looks more expensive than the mere £17. 
Outfit Total - £117.50

Outdoor Outfit

 Asos Leather Chelsea Boots - In the sale for £25, yeah you read right just £25! I personally just love Chelsea boots with everything, there sturdy and comfy enough to wear in winter whilst being stylish and fitting every out perfectly.
Asos Blondon Tights - Gone down to £6 in the sale. Tights, tights, tights well they just go with everything don't they?
Silver Cross Chain Collar via eBay - I adore this and ordered one straight away. Crosses and Skulls are set to be a massive trend this a/w so i thought this would perfect with the shirt ive picked out. Plus its only £3.99 so a great bargain too!
Topshop Chunky Knit Cardigan - £42 Perfect in keeping your warm. Although its knitted it also seems lightweight so its great for throwing on over jumpers, long t-shirts etc.
Levi Shorts via Asos - £35 Who doesn't love a pair of classic Levi's, i chose the light wash ones as the majority of the outfit is black i though light wash may brighten things up a bit.
Black Knitted Jumper Topshop - £36
New Look Checked Shirt - £15 Im not gonna lie i was searching the internet for a few hours trying to find the perfect checked shirt! I adore this one i think the colours are lovely and worn under the jumper with the collar chain it will look great.
 Outfit Total - £162.50

Party Outfit

Miss Selfridge Dress - £45 The thing that attracted me most to this dress was the stunning lace detailing. Its a very glamorous and sophisticated dress without being to over the top making it suitable for all kinds of party's whether it be a prom or a nightclub your off to. I love the nude/pink top as it gives the dress a perfect pop of colour and makes the lace detailing stand out all the more.
Shoes Miss Selfridge - Reduced from £42 to £35, i kept the shoes very basic as i wanted the detailing on the dress to be the focal point of the out. Plus with the dipped hem skirt i thought anything other than plain black heels would look a little "busy" plus because there platform there all the better for walking in!
Clutch Asos - Down to £28, this glitter clutch was the perfect finishing touch to my party outfit. I love how its kept simple with a gold chain strap and black clasp, it defiantly looks worth alot more than £28.
Earring Miss Selfridge - £6.99 again i kept it simple with a pair of gold earrings i was originally going to opt for studs but with this being a party outfit i thought i would go for something a bit more glamorous.
 Outfit Total - £114.00

First Date Outfit

Dress River Island - £32 for this outfit i chose another LBD simply because there so easy to dress up and with this being a first date outfit i wanted something that would look pretty but without being to dressy. The stud detaling only being placed around the neckline makes it on trend but versatile.
Shoes Topshop - £65 a little overpriced if you ask me but then again they can be worn time and time again being simple and all that. And the rose gold studs make them the perfect companion to the studded dress and gold accessories. 
Gold Watch - £28 a watch is very handy in my opinion when on a first date (you wouldn't want to be late now would you) This one from River Island is oversized making it stand out and finish off the outfit.
Headband eBay - £1.99 worn on the forhead with Kim Kardashian inspired waves throughout the hair i think this would look stunning and being as there only £1.99 you could buy all different designs!
Outfit Total = £126.99

Office Work Outfit 


River Island Pu Leather Trouser - £55 These are one of the only pairs of leather trousers ive seen around, there's loads of leather leggings but no trousers! So i was happy to find these at River Island i think they make the perfect work trousers. Being a trouser rather than leggings they are loose fitting making them comfy to wear all day.
Topshop Vest - £3 another sale item. Again a loose fitting item making it comfy and wearable for work. I Love black and white items paired together especially for work or formal events.
Topshop Studded Vectra's - £28 Love them!
Blazer via eBay - £12.99 I knew i had to include this when i saw the £12.99 price tag. I think its the perfect blazer being oversized and black.
ROCK ring Miss Selfridge - £1 ... omg just £1 this is one of those ring sets you wear just above the knuckle's so its bang on trend and gives the outfit that personal touch.
Outfit Total = £108.09

So there my five outfits thanks for reading guys!