Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beauty Haul

Wow! i haven't done a haul post in forever, mainly because ive accumulated a large number of products that i just haven't been using due to having too many "of the same" products. For example i have about 15 shower gels that are either full or only half empty! See what i mean? so rather than keep hoarding products ive decided to only buy stuff what i am either totally out of or happens to be on an offer that i would kick myself if i missed.

TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx if your in the US) ... ive read so many posts on products people have gotten from TK Maxx recently and if you haven't already been to check them out let me tell you, you are missing out. Normally i don't go into TK Maxx unless its just to pass some time (to be honest) but with them stocking brands such as Bed Head, Macadamia and OPI at the moment i thought it was just too good to miss. So here's what i picked up apart from the (Shower Gel and ren-gen cream which are both from Home Bargains) ...

 First up ...
 Mogador (Argan) Hair Oil - the only other hair oil that i have ever really got on with is The Ojon Rare Blend oil so when i picked this up i was skeptical that it wouldn't match up to the Rare Blend One that i had fell in love with. How wrong was i? Its my new favorite hair product. I love it, first off the smell is gorgeous a real creamy, sweet smell (one that you would sniff all day long if you thought you wouldn't look like a weirdo) Despite having never heard of the hair brand "mogador" before they apparently are a high end brand with this product retailing for £14-£20 depending on where you purchase. I luckily got it at a bargain £5 and have used it a couple of times already. I am going to do a full review when ive had the chance to use it a few more times.

Essie Nail Polishes - These came in a pack of four. At only £10 i saved over £20 as they normally retail at around £7 each. There were a few different packs to choose from but for me these colours stood out the most, within the pack i recieved:
  • Tour De Finance (a beautiful hot pick with blue undertones very similar to Ciate Jellybean)
  •  To Buy Or Not To Buy (a lilac with a subtle pink and blue shimmer)
  • Orange Its Obvious (a bright and vibrant Orange, going to be great for the summer months)
  • Navigate Her (a Olive Green thats going to be the perfect Autumn colour)

TIGI Love,Peace and Planet Cherry Almond Leave-In Conditioner - Oooooo this is so yummy! (not that ive tasted it but boy do i wanna) If anybody has ever tried Cherry Bakewell Tart, this is the smell. At this moment in time i cant really give a review on this product as i haven't tried it yet, but there will be a review on this soon!

Last but not least i nipped to Home Bargains on the way back home and i picked up some Ren-Gen cream, in which works a treat for those horrible marks that spots leave on the skin. Then i just grabbed some Possibility Peppermint Shower Gel, because im a sucker for scents like this!

So there we have it my little beauty haul, hopefully there will be lots more hauls to come over the next few months, thanks for reading x  


  1. Great haul! I love TK Maxx, I have got some amazing clothes from there. The store near to me doesn't have the best beauty section...I will have to go to a bigger store and have a look :)

    Elle xx

    1. You should they have some really great bargains atm :)

  2. Oh my, you're as bad as me! I do love Tkmaxx for beauty products though, you can't beat it can you? Xx.

    1. Nope you can always guarantee finding a bargain or two! x