Monday, 15 October 2012

Current Skincare Products

Current Skincare Products

Hey everyone, 
So i thought it was about time i did a post on my favourite skincare products, now im currently using all of these some in the day, some at night but at some point or another they all help in keeping my skin blemish free and moisturized.
First up are two Neutrogena products that i have been using for quite some time now and in my opinion have really helped with clearing my skin. I don't have Acne or particularly bad skin but i tend to go through phases of having clear skin for a few weeks and then a "bad" week where i get a load of blemishes at once.The first product thats really helped is the Neutrogena 2in1 wash and mask, i don't use this as a mask but just as a daily wash. Some people have said that this dried out there skin and didn't really work for them so if you have sensitive skin or dry skin then this product probably wont be for you, however with having oily skin i feel as though this has been a skin savior for me. It really helps to fight current blemishes and keep others at bay, whilst making your skin feel squeaky clean. Another product that i love by Neutrogena is there oil free moisturizer, now i used to use this day and night but ive found another moisturiser i prefer to use during the day so this is now becoming my night cream. Again i dont think this would be suitable for dry skin as it is "oil free" and not designed to add any extra oil as such, but saying that it does leave skin moisturized enough and doesn't strip the skin of any of its natural oils. 

Madara Moisturizing Gel whilst on the topic of moisturizers another of my favorites is Madara this is more of a luxury product as it retails for £27 and is pretty hard to get your hands on (i purchase mine from Feel Unique) this is my day moisturizer as i don't feel that it would be moisturizing enough to use both day and night but its great if you have oily - really oily skin as its a gel rather than a cream so it feels much lighter and nicer on the face and works really well at giving a "comfortable" amount of added moisture. 
Balance Me Eye Cream the first time i got my hands on this little beauty was in a magazine (it could have been Marie Claire) i didnt really think much of it and it kind of got stuck at the back of my draw, but last month i found it again and i can safely say its a lovely product. I have never really been one for using eye creams as ive always felt i haven't really needed them. But ive been using this one daily and ive really felt a difference around my eye area. This has a lovely smell to it as well, you cant really tell once you first sqeeze it out the tube but after applying it you get a gorgeous but subtle scent of apricots.
Burts Bees Lip Balm a lip balm is a lip balm apart from saying that it makes my lips feel super soft and nice there isn't really much else to say although i am dying to get my hands on one of there tinted lip balms as they look lovely.  
Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser  over the last few years ive tried alot of Lush products but if there's one that i would re-purchase over and over again it has to be be this, its designed to be used as an everyday cleanser which is perfectly fine although ive always used it as a weekly mask. It helps to reduce redness (which is a problem of mine) whilst keeping the skin to feel fresh and blemish free. I don't think that this would combat any current blemishes but by deeply cleansing the skin i do feel as though it would help to fight off any unwanted bacteria and help to clear blackheads. 
Bioderma Micellaire Water i think every blogger and there friend has either tried this or has at least read up about it so im not going to go into much detail other than its a cleansing water thats brilliant at removing makeup and just cleaning the skin in general. I wouldn't personally use this instead of a wash or on its own as i don't think that it would remove every last scrap of makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin well enough however to use after washing your face or as a makeup remover before doing a separate cleanse/wash i think this it's perfect, especially if you have sensitive skin and aren't looking for anything to harsh.     

Last but not least is my Simple Eye Makeup Remover before discovery this i got into the habit of grabbing a facial wipe and rubbing everything off as it just seemed the quickest and easiest way to get things done. But after trying one of my mums eye makeup removers i will never put a wipe near my eyes again. Eye makeup removers are designed for a reason, and that reason being is that there gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area, whilst being effective enough to remove tough makeup such as waterproof mascaras and liquid liners. I think this one particular retails for £3.39 for a whopping 125ml which lasts me for ages and ages. 

and so thats it i hoped you enjoyed reading, which products are you loving this month?



  1. I love posts like this, thanks! About the wipes, yeah, they're a bit too rough for the eye area and, as a waterproof mascara wearer, they don't do a good enough job for me! I might have to try this Simple one, its so affordable and I hear great things about Simple!


  2. I love my Burts Bees lip balm, I've got the mango one and it smells amazing! I got the Balance Me eye cream in my glossy box either last month or the month before and I haven't tried it yet, I will have to give it a go if its really good :)

    Elle xx

  3. I love neutrogena for my face x