Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cheap&cheerfull Storage Ideas

So just another quick post from me today with some tips on storage. So me and my boyfriend are currently living at his parents house and share a bedroom which is a bit of nightmare when it comes to finding a place to put everything. We also have completely different tastes when it comes to decor, i like a vintage girly room whilst he could have navy blue walls and a brown ceiling for all he cares hehe. Therefore i find myself picking up a lot of storage boxes and little trinkets to try and find a place for everything to live.

First things first ... makeup brushes... they used to kept in my brush roll until i started finding that i needed more and more brushes for everyday use and with not leaving myself loads of time in the morning it was proving to be not the quickest of tasks getting them out and putting them back neatly everyday. So now i keep them in pretty jars (old sweetie jars are the best) after you have thoroughly cleaned the jars you can pretty much decorate them however you want. Their also great as they take up very little room and are easy to clean etc.


 Another useful storage method is to keep old gift bags (well the prettier ones anyway) again they take up very little room and are normally a decent enough size to be able to store a variety of different things. I have a few and store anything from hairbrushes to bath products. There also really cheap to buy mine are from primark and cost £1.50 for the two!

Hatboxes... great for storing things such as perfume/makeup/bottles such as shampoo etc. These are great for displaying items as they keep everything looking neat and tidy but again are normally super cute. You could even keep old carboard boxes and decorate them using wallpaper.

And finally dishes and smaller vases/plant pots ... im not talking about the clay terracotta ones (unless you like those of course) but something smaller and prettier like the ones i found in ikea. Great for storing anything from cotton pads to chunkier rings and bracelets.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Everyday Makeup

Benefit The Porefessional - Ive been using this for a few months now and i love it, defiantly the best primer ive used. I always start with this product as it just creates a smooth base for my foundation and helps minimize the larger pores around my nose.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Another favourite of mine i only started using this a couple of weeks ago but ive fell in love with it already and i don't think it gets enough credit in the beauty community if im honest. Its medium coverage but defiantly builable and great for all skin types in my opinion.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Used this for over a year now and i still use it everyday, everybody seems to have written or at least talked about it though so im sure you have heard plenty of good things about it!

Natural Collection Loose Powder - Ive only really tried a few loose powders since i started wearing makeup a few years back, mainly because it takes me ages to get through them. But this is the second time i have re-purchased this, its just so cheap and definitely does as good a job as some of the more higher end ones.

MAC Powder Blush In Fleur - Fleur is a gorgeous dusky pink. Ive noticed i dont actually stray from dusky pink and corals especially in the summer, its because there just so easy to wear and seem to go with everything. Its a little pricey at £17 but its MAC so i kinda guess that justifies it.  

Sleek Brow Palette - Now here's a brand thats really impressed me over the last year. I love there blush and eye palettes and there eyebrow kit is just as impressive. I have the dark version but all the kits come with the powder, tinted wax, two brushes and a mini tweezer set. I only use the powder though as my brows tend to stay in place pretty well on there own. (watch they will start being wild from now on, now ive said that!)

Rimmel Liquid Liner - Hmmmm a little average but it will do. Im not amazed by this eye liner as i find the applicator a little to long and hard to use but its not the worst one ive tried either.

Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner - Ive tried a MAC one exactly like this but just couldn't get on with it, for some reason it just made my eyes water constantly, so i can safely say i will be sticking with this in the future. 

Lancome Hynose Mascara - I have only been using this a couple of weeks and actually picked it up from a local car boot for only £3 BARGAIN OF THE YEAR! And i love it, my new go to mascara.

Rimmel Extra WOW Lash Mascara - I know Rimmel do a lash lengthening version to this which i would love to ge my hands on as i find this one great. The wand is a little big so you do have to take some time when applying it i have to admit but all in all its a good product defiantly gives my lashes some needed volume.  

Natural Collection Lipstick In Pink Mallow - Purchased this a few months ago when i read a blog post by LLYMLRS. And i know it sounds abit crazy but im one of those people who like to try and match my lipstick and blush as closely as possible, since my blush is a dusky pink this a perfect companion. It can be layered up to create a brighter pink but i normally leave it quite subtle.       
Other Bits and Bobs ... I apply my foundation using the Real Techniques stippling brush, my powder is applied with the powder brush by Real Techniques, and my brow powder with a drugstore angled eyebrow brush. Last but not least my blush is applied using the MAC blush/powder brush.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Avon - Neutral Shade Palette

Avon 8in1 neutral palette - I recently found this little beauty hiding in the back of my make-up draw recently, i must have had it for at least 6 months now and i cant believe i forgot all about it. So i thought i would jump on the neutral palette band wagon and do a quick review. To be honest i don't really buy from Avon as some of there products have irritated my skin in the past but im glad i found this little beauty as its fast becoming my go to palette. The palette contains three brown shades, one copper and one gold shade, two nude shades and a highlight shade. When i purchased it im pretty sure it was £8.99 but defiantly worth every penny. Its packaged in a sleek black case with a small window like opening so you get a little peek of the different shades. A great product to take on your travels as well, with it being smaller than average palettes. Im not sure whether Avon still sell this product through there brochure however here's a link to a seller on Ebay ... Avon Neutral Palette.

Avon Neutral Palette

Friday, 17 August 2012

Im still here :)

Just a real quick post today to say sorry that i haven't done a post in a while and to just say that i am still around. Its just been the busiest two weeks ever!

So what have i been doing?
Well i decided to take a little break and went away for a few days with my boyfriend, we went up to Scarborough, chilled on the beach, did some shopping ;) on the whole it was just nice to go somewhere quieter and different.

Here's the link to the hotel which i stayed. I would definitely recommend it if your just staying for a few nights and are looking for somewhere cheerful and affordable. Clarence Gardens Hotel 

The Beach (north bay)
Is that just not the cutest thing ever?

Monday, 6 August 2012

I recommend ...

Soap&Glory Flake Away - This smells delicious, its a really sweet smelling scent with shea butter to keep the skin nice and moist with the little peach grains help to remove any dead skin. The packaging is also lovely as is all soap&glory packaging and with a reasonable price tag to!  
Palmers Cocoa Butter - I used to suffer with bad dry skin especially on my legs and elbows however after using this for a week or so it cleared up and its been a must have ever since and with a chocolate scent i think its one of those products everyone needs to at least try once.
Simple oil balancing scrub and moisturiser - Being a combination skin girl i find it really hard to find a wash and moisturiser that both reduce oil and stop my skin from drying out at the same time. But my mum recommended to try Simple and i actually find they work perfectly for me. The scrub helps to reduce blackheads and gives the skin a nice fresh look and feel, whilst the moisturiser is oil free helping to moisterise without adding extra oil and making the skin appear oily.
Body Shop Cucumber Water - With cucumber and aloe vera this makes your skin feel squeaky clean, although this is made to be a toner i personally don't use it every day as i think it would eventually dry out my skin however i love to use this on hot days or on holiday just to freshen up a bit and it has a really fresh yet subtle scent to it aswell.
Rimmel London Extra WOW mascara -  Probably had this mascara a few months now and its still going strong, its defiantly for volumising rather than lengthening however used in conjunction with a lengthening mascara i think its perfect. 
Dolce&Gabbana The One - With top notes containing a citrus blend of mandarin and bergamot and warmer notes containing peach, its just the perfect scent for summer months. It is expensive but worth every penny in my opinion.
Henera Shampoo and Conditioner - To be honest this is one of those products i got my hands on at a discount store so wasn't expecting much from it to be honest, but these are now my second bottles and i love them. The conditioner in particular is a favourite of mine, it just leaves the hair with a really nice shine and feels soft. Really glad i picked these up now. 
Ted Baker Mascara -  A great lengthening mascara with a flexible wand which grips lashes, leaving them clump free!