Thursday, 23 August 2012

Avon - Neutral Shade Palette

Avon 8in1 neutral palette - I recently found this little beauty hiding in the back of my make-up draw recently, i must have had it for at least 6 months now and i cant believe i forgot all about it. So i thought i would jump on the neutral palette band wagon and do a quick review. To be honest i don't really buy from Avon as some of there products have irritated my skin in the past but im glad i found this little beauty as its fast becoming my go to palette. The palette contains three brown shades, one copper and one gold shade, two nude shades and a highlight shade. When i purchased it im pretty sure it was £8.99 but defiantly worth every penny. Its packaged in a sleek black case with a small window like opening so you get a little peek of the different shades. A great product to take on your travels as well, with it being smaller than average palettes. Im not sure whether Avon still sell this product through there brochure however here's a link to a seller on Ebay ... Avon Neutral Palette.

Avon Neutral Palette