Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer - Review

Let me just start by making it clear that im a massive fan of Liz Earle skin care, i love there Hot Cloth Cleanser and would love to try more of there products (ive got my eye on there Skin repair light moisturiser) and this for me was another clear winner. Ive never really gotten into refreshing mist products before as ive always been under the illusion that there not worth the money and that they don't really do an awful lot. However after trying this im intrigued to test out more and see if there all as good as this or at least come close.

To start with this small 30ml bottle cost just £5.25 and lasts me a good couple of months. I personally don't use it everyday, mainly on no makeup days. Due to the fact that i feel the spritz is more of a spray than a fine mist. This doesn't affect it in any way other than its proberbly best not to spray it over a full face of makeup. I literally just spray around three times all over my face and then pat it into my skin.

Containing Aloe Vera this calms the redness in your skin and makes it feel soft, the cucumber refreshes and cools whilst the Vitamin E acts as a natural antioxidant and helps repair and protect the skin. I defiantly see an improvement in my skin when ive used this as it looks healthier and feels softer. And will continue to re-purchase.

Have you tried this product? If so what were your thoughts ...   

Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Favourites.

From now on i think i may try and do a favourites post every few months, i can't do one every month because i would be lying if i said i went through that many products, yet alone got through a bunch of products that i absolutley love.

On that note im going to get straight into it before i start rambling haha ...

 Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish - One of those products that almost every blogger has proberbly tried so im not going to give a long explanation about it, but i stopped using this last summer (not this bottle of course this is a nice new fresh one) and since then ive tried a few hot cloth cleansers and unfornunatley they just haven't been able to live up to the Cleanse&Polish. Therefore i decided to re-kindle the love with this and now im loving it just as much as when i first tried it! (which is alot aha)

Botanics Ultra Calm Night Cream - Avalible in Boots Stores, this is proberbly on of the best night creams ive tried, normally im quite lazy and use my day cream at night too. But after picking this up ive fell in love, it smells great leaves your skin feeling baby soft from the minute you apply up until you wash your face again and overall is just a really nice product in general. It claims that it calms redness in which i havent seen any results yet but to be honest i dont really have a great deal of redness so thats not a big issue for me. The consistancy is a thick gel-like texture but sinks in really quickly and comfortably. Plus a little really does go a long way with this product.

Nails Inc St James - Its proberbly going to become clear when i do my nail polish favourites post that im a big lover of red/rasberry polishes. I Think they suit everybody, are normally super glossy and overall go with anything. This ones a nice classic red with a glossy finish. Its lasting power is also good (i wore it for around 4 days without a top coat and it hardly chipped). The only thing i would comment on is that Nails Inc polishes are overpriced a mean £11 for one bottle of nail polish! It makes it hard to get a nice collection going. Other than that i love the colour, the finish, everything really.

OPI Tickly My France-y - I love the names of OPI nail polishes there always so well thought of and cute. Tickle My France-y is a dark nude/beige that looks good with everything. It has a reasonably glossy finish that lasts a good few days without chipping. No sparkles, no thrills just a good old nude nail polish that i love really!

Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - Just had to throw in a sneaking Soap&Glory product as im loving the brand atm plus I would literally just buy this for the smell if i could! When you fist Open it you get a whiff of toffe which smells so good you want to eat it but when smelt closer you can defiantly smell the lime in it which makes it all the more yummy. Now onto the actual product ...
It texture is slight more runny than the other soap&glory scrubs which is nice as i wasn't looking for anything too abrasive. With crushed brown sugar it really helps to remove dead skin quickly and easily leaving no redness or soreness. All you have to use is the tiniest little bit rub gentle around the areas in which needed and voila it leaves you with soft, rough-free feeling skin.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - Ive only really gotten into using this the last couple of weeks, i personally use it to blend foundation however it has multi-purposes (buffing in powder, appling bronzer etc). The foundation ive found works best for me with this brush is my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation i just apply a single pump to the back of my hand swirl my brush in it and start buffing. When im done my foundation is evenly blended, still has great coverage and appears smooth. The product doesn't collect in the brush (which is a problem ive had with buffing and stippling brushes in the past) it doesn't shred and with the brushes being quite dense yet soft it makes application really smooth and quick.

Avon Neutral Palette and No7 Eye Pencil Brown  - Ive talked about this palette before in one of my first posts and im still using it everyday, its got such a nice range of shades -from skin toned base colours to shimmery browns and champaynes. The colours are really nice to work with, applying evernly and blending well. Plus you get hardly any fall out even when packing on colour. No7 eye pencil in brown is another product ive used everyday this year, although you get alot of average brown eyeliners this one just has a lovely finish too it, its not a matte brown but not a shimmery either so hard to explain but it gives a lovely finish to your eyes and is creamy but slippery to apply.

MUA blusher shade 6- For just a measley £1 i think alot of MUA products are of great quality and this is no exception. Although the colour pay off isnt wow-ing it gives a beautiful subtle glow to the cheeks almost like a sun kissed glow and looks really pretty. On fairer skin tones this looks a little more peachy but on medium- darker skin tones it looks alot more bronzed and like i say gives more of a glow than colour, which is nice for a everyday look.

 Benefit Sun Beam - A gorgoues golden hightlighter that catches the light amazingly and looks really pretty. Again im really lazy when it comes to applying hightlighter and such but i find this is the perfect everyday product that looks really pretty when used in conjuntion with the MUA blush above. I personally only apply this to my cheek bones as i find thats where it catches the light the best. But it blends easily and doesn't look patchy and i can see myself using this throughtout summer too.

So thats my January Favourites, hope you enjoyed reading xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers - Review

When it comes to styling my hair im normally really lazy (ill brush it and put it in a top knot 90% of the time) but since purchasing and using the enrapture heated rollers i have been getting more creative with my hair.

Firstly there on offer gone down from £75 to £60 which is always a plus but the main selling point for me was when i discovered the amazing quality (after trying out my cousins). These are pretty unique as not only do the rollers heat up but also the clips ...

 This enables the roller to stay heated for longer as well as helping to curl. The clips themselves aren't hot to touch but its the silver metal plate inside of them (as you can see) that heats up. The clips are really easy to apply as there a clip rather than a slide (thats proberbly a really bad explanation haha)

The actual rollers themselves are also of really good quality there velvet for a start to help grip and hold the hair, although they get hot there still really comfortable to work with and apply. Taking them out is easy too and the curl holds for a really long time even without hairspray. You get two rows of large ones (great for creating soft waves) and two rows of medium ones so enough to do your whole head. You can see from the picture the size difference ..

Packing wise there really sturdy (but not heavy or bulky) just nice to carry around and great for travel. The silver bar across the bottom tells you when  there on and fully heated, they only take around 1 minute to fully heat and have completely cooled within a couple of minutes. Also there is a little compartment underneath the rollers which enables the wire to be hidden and stored which is just a added bonus in my opinion.

All in all i think there really good and would defiantly recommend them to anybody looking for a good quality set of rollers that will last them a decent amount of time. I purchased mine from here but there also available here and here.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Let It Snow ...

Anybody who knows me well will know that i get super excited about things i probably shouldn't be getting quite so excited about at my age haha. One of the these things being snow, I firstly love how the whole family gets to spend some quality time together, going on walks, sledging etc ... secondly its just another excuse to bring out the camera!

I live in Nottingham and its sadly starting to melt now and become a sludgy mess, so before it does i thought i would share a few pics from the last week or so.

January is defiantly my month for photographing trees haha :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Primark Haul: Part Two

Hey There, i said i would do my primark haul in two parts so its not so long and boring so here's the second part!

Hope you like and there are a couple of pieces that are from other stores as well, also let me know if you would like to see more haul posts as i know there not to everyone's taste. (any excuse to do more shopping haha)

Black Bag £12 // Necklace £3 £1 // Panda Hat £3 // Studded Flat £6 // Ballet Pumps £4 // River Island Cross Ring £3 // Debenhams Flat Bow Sandal £20 £12

Thanks For reading x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Botanics Ultra Calming Night Cream

So in the past the only other Botanics product i have tried was a facial wash and if im honest i didn't rate it, so when i heard how good this was suppose to be i have to admit i was skeptical. It claims that it soothes and calms irratated skin overnight while Linden flower soothes, with the rich formula immediately boosting skin's comfort and providing extra nourishment to leave skin hydrated and ready to face the day."

Ive now been using this for a few weeks and i can say that i am thoroughly impressed, with its gel like consistency it glides onto the skin sinking in very quickly. Its nourishing and soothing but very gentle and comfortable with a subtle smell of marshmallow. I apply this every night after cleansing and straight away my skin feels soft, when i wake up the next morning my skin still feels nourished and looks healthier and more radiant. I haven't seen a great improvement where redness is concerned but they do say give up to six weeks for products to start working and ive been using this a little over 2 weeks so i may need to give it a little longer to see noticeable improvement.

 All in all though this is a nice product for all skin types including sensitive skin and i would recommend this and continue to purchase for myself.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Winter Essentials.

So you know when winter comes around and dry skin and chapped lips start to appear you know its time to get a good few products behind you that you can grab when needed and these are my products which i find myself using and loving during the colder months to keep those winter skincare blues at bay...

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstuctor - Ive had this for ages and love almost everything about it, the smell the way it glides through hair and the way it leaves hair feeling when dry. I know it says to apply it for up to three minutes but personally i like to leave it for up to around 15 just because im in the mind set that the longer you leave a conditioner the more time it has to work into the hair whereas if your literally putting it on then washing it off it only has time to sit on the surface. I wouldn't go as far as to say that this is one of those "holy grail products and that it works miracles" but to use once or twice a week its a cheap and cheerful product that does what it says on the bottle.  

La Roche Posay Hydreane Light - So you may be wondering what this is, given its fancy name but its basically a light moisturiser that works best on combination/oily skin. La Roche Posay is a brand that i just can't get enough of at the moment and the more products i try the more im impressed. Although they do a rich formula for nomal/dry skin types i personally love this light one. It the perfect day cream for me being as it hydrates and leaves the skin feeling super soft whilst not adding shine or giving you an oily complexion, foundation and other base products work and apply really well over this as well. 

Benefit That Gal Face Primer - So if im honest i went off using face primers for a while and still don't use them every single time i apply my makeup but if im going to use any ive been reaching for this. Im a huge fan of Benefits porefessional but since winter has come around and my pores aren't as noticeable ive been on the lookout for products targeted towards brightening and illuminating. This is the best one ive found, it gives a really gentle glow to the face if worn on its own (or with minimal products) and although i don't see much noticeable difference when wearing foundation i really like the fact that my products sit and apply better over it. 

Soap&Glory The Righteous Body Butter - You will probably (if haven't already) notice that i have a bit of a Soap&Glory obsession at the moment which im doing my best to try and cure but there products are just to nice. When it comes to body butters and shower products i always reach for soap&glory and this smells incredible, its a dream to apply and doesn't take up time when soaking in. Leaves you smelling gorgeous with skin soft enough you just won't to keep touching it.On the plus side as well there product sizes are huge as you can see!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter - If there's one thing everybody needs to carry round on a daily basis its Vaseline. I use this one on my lips but these handy 20g tins can be used for a range of purposes (cracked elbows, under the eyes etc). 

Liz Earle Skin Tonic Boost - A refreshing mist that can be applies to set foundation or simply just to give your skin a boost. I personally like to use this on those "no makeup days" and just generally when my skin is looking like its lacking somethings. This stuff instantly wakes me up, makes my skin look softer and brighter and just overall works wonders. I like to buy the little bottles of this which retail at £5.25 because a little goes along way and to be honest its not something that needs to be applied every single day without fail. There are lots of alternatives to this as well such as Boots Botanics refreshing mist, although if you have sensitive skin your probably best sticking with Liz Earle as a lot of toners/refreshers tend to have a scent. 

Thanks for reading primark haul part two coming soon!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Primark Haul - Part One

So i though i would split this post up into two parts simply because ive gone a little ott in Primark recently (as you do) and purchased proberbly wayyyyy more than i should have so rather than overwhelming you with picture after picture i though i would just split it into two parts. Most of this stuff is from primark but there are a couple of bits thrown in from other stores to!

Starting From Top - Black And Wine Red Trousers £6 each // Cream Jumper With Elbow Patches £14 // Black Leather Shorts With Studded Pocket Detail £12 // Camel Knitted Leggings £3 on sale from £8 // Nude Jumper £6 // Denim Jacket £8 // New Look Peplum top £7 on sale from £14 // Matalan Black Longsleeve Blouse With Studded Collar £8 on sale from £20. 
So thats part one of the primark haul. Gonna post part two proberbly middle of next week, thanks for reading!

Friday, 11 January 2013

High Street Foundation - to buy or not to buy?

Its me again! and im finally with a proper camara haha. Can't wait to start using it properly got a huge primark haul to post! However if the pictures aren't of perfect quality atm its because im still trying to get use to holding it and playing around with the different bits and bobs.

Thought i would do a post today though which ive been wanting to do for a while now. I think alot of people would admit that they tend to lean towards higher end products when it comes to skincare and base products, simply because there under the illusion that you get what you pay for. Im not saying that you don't because in some cases you clearly do however when it comes to foundations in particular i think there's some great products offered to us on the high street. Two of my favourites are the Rimmel Wake Me Up and Revlon's Colorstay.

Rimmel Wake Me Up - Priced at around £8.99 i think this is a great and affordable product. Rimmel Wake Me Up provides medium to full coverage thats very buildable and doesnt cake or oxidise throughout the day (on my skin anyway). The liquid itself is very creamy and feels extermly pleasnt once applied, i would say this is rather dewy but if your more of a matte person its nothing abit of powder (i reccomend stay matte powder by Rimmel) won't fix. It lasts all day and with stands humidity rather well, in the bottle you can see tiny glitter particules but these dont translate onto the skin (well not that you can notice anyway) and help in giving the glowy/radiant effect in which we could all do with in winter!

Revlon Colorstay 24hrs - Before i begin there are two formulas i have the combination/oily but they also do one for normal/dry skin types. Firstly mine smells a tad of alcohol so i would bare that in mind when purchasing the combination/oily skin formula. However its not strong enough that you would be able to smell it when applied. Again the price point for this is around £12 which i personally think is a little overpriced but Fragrance Direct are selling certain shades for £7.95 here. The formula is much thinner and runnier than Wake Me Up however still has that meduim to full converage. I would say that this is a matte finish but applys very easily and again doens't look cakey and is buildable proberbly more so than the Rimmel Wake Me Up however this does dry on the skin pretty quickly so be quick when applying. I think this is a nice one if you have oily skin and are looking for something you can rely on to keep shine at bay and give good coverage all day.

So that would be my two top high street foundations, ive got a big primark haul coming soon as well!  

Monday, 7 January 2013

Soap&Glory - The Fruitigo Fragrance

Soap&Glory - The Fruitigo Fragrance

If there's one brand that i would rate 10 out of 10 for there quality skincare products it would be Soap&Glory. Although their products can be slightly more expensive than your average body care brands i think there more than worth the money both in terms of quality and quantity. Within the range there are four scents  (mist you madly, original pink, fruitigo and sugar crush) today though i wanna talk about the Frutigo  products. Frutigo is a super fruity and freshing frangrance that wakes you up whilst keeping you feeling fresh and smelling gorgeous all day!

I recieved these in a gift set at christmas but there sold separately all year round and i would defiantly recommend them...

Foam Call Body Wash £6.50 - defiantly one of the best body washes i own ( and trust me i own and have tried loads of different ones throughtout the years including a few from Soap&Glory). It foams up super well meaning you only have to use the smallest amount and leaves your smelling and feeling really fresh.

Pulp Friction Body Scrub £8.00  - to be honest there's not that many body scrubs out there that get it just right for me. They seem to be either too harsh on my skin or simply are just a waste of money and time as they do absolutely nothing. Pulp friction though is defiantly a different story, it removes dead skin and leaves the rougher area's of your body feeling smooth but doesnt irritate the skin or leave it super red!

Butter Yourself Body Butter £10.50 - Again the main selling point of this for me was the scent i just can't desribe it well enough (you need to go have a sniff if you haven't smelt this already!). Leaving skin super soft it doens't leave a greasy kinda film or doens't take ages to soak in and a little goes along way.

All in all i can't reccomend this trio of products high enough, although all soap&glory products amazing...       

Friday, 4 January 2013

Shopping The Sales - Tony&Guy

Hey there, remeber me?

One of a few new years resolutions for me is that i need to get back into blogging! Its not that im bored of blogging or that i dont want to do it, its more about finding the time as it seems everytime i get an hour to sit at my laptop something else comes up. Therefore im gonna start making it a priority to take a few hours a week out to write posts and take pictures. While im on the subject of pictures im currently waiting on a new camara woooooooo! I just cant wait for it to be delivered (no more crappy phone picutres for me haha)

Today however i just wanted to do a quick review on something i managed to get my hands on in the sale ...

Tony&Guy Hair Meets Wardrobe - £10 £5
Tony&Guy hasnt really ever been a brand thats ever applealed to me and not something i would normally look at. But when i was browsing through the overly messing sale sheleves of Boots i stumbled across this little number. Its bascially a cute little tin containing three of there products.

First up there Cleanse shampoo for dry hair. I wouldnt say that my hair is particulary dry but i do think its important to keep it in extra good condition this time of year so i have been cutting back on the heated tools and started using gentler products on my locks. Therefore i think this is the perfect shampoo, keeps hair cleansed whilst not being overly drying.
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 Tony&Guy nourising conditioner. To be honest i don't really have alot to say about most conditioners as alot of them are good but nothing special. This ones pretty much that, okay for everyday use but i wouldnt rely on it to see noticiable difference overnight. 

Tony&Guy Sea Salt Spray. This was proberly one of the main reasons i went for this little trio of products. After reading good reviews about this on a number of different blogs i thought i would try this out. Therefore im going to give it a good test run then do a full review.

Over all i do think i got a bagain at just £5 and i would defiantly reccomend getting your hands on one of these sets before they sell out. After all they are half price at the moment!