Friday, 4 January 2013

Shopping The Sales - Tony&Guy

Hey there, remeber me?

One of a few new years resolutions for me is that i need to get back into blogging! Its not that im bored of blogging or that i dont want to do it, its more about finding the time as it seems everytime i get an hour to sit at my laptop something else comes up. Therefore im gonna start making it a priority to take a few hours a week out to write posts and take pictures. While im on the subject of pictures im currently waiting on a new camara woooooooo! I just cant wait for it to be delivered (no more crappy phone picutres for me haha)

Today however i just wanted to do a quick review on something i managed to get my hands on in the sale ...

Tony&Guy Hair Meets Wardrobe - £10 £5
Tony&Guy hasnt really ever been a brand thats ever applealed to me and not something i would normally look at. But when i was browsing through the overly messing sale sheleves of Boots i stumbled across this little number. Its bascially a cute little tin containing three of there products.

First up there Cleanse shampoo for dry hair. I wouldnt say that my hair is particulary dry but i do think its important to keep it in extra good condition this time of year so i have been cutting back on the heated tools and started using gentler products on my locks. Therefore i think this is the perfect shampoo, keeps hair cleansed whilst not being overly drying.
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 Tony&Guy nourising conditioner. To be honest i don't really have alot to say about most conditioners as alot of them are good but nothing special. This ones pretty much that, okay for everyday use but i wouldnt rely on it to see noticiable difference overnight. 

Tony&Guy Sea Salt Spray. This was proberly one of the main reasons i went for this little trio of products. After reading good reviews about this on a number of different blogs i thought i would try this out. Therefore im going to give it a good test run then do a full review.

Over all i do think i got a bagain at just £5 and i would defiantly reccomend getting your hands on one of these sets before they sell out. After all they are half price at the moment!


  1. Sea Salt Spray seems so nice especially for the summer for pretty beach waves! The over all set definitely was a steal!


    1. Yeh im defiantly going to get my use out of it! Love beach waves especially with having long hair :)