Thursday, 13 June 2013

v05 Treat Me Right Conditioning Treatment - Review

Its feels like a bloody long time since i last blogged even though it wasn't all that long ago, maybe its just because i haven't done a review in a while?
Anyhow im back with a hair treatment ive been liking and using rather a lot of recently.

The VO5 Treat Me Right Deep Conditioning Treatment
After running out of my usual hair treatment i decided that a pop into Boots was in order and i intended on re-purchasing the treatment which i had been using previously. But after browsing the hair section of Boots for a while and getting fustrated that i couldn't find it i eventually gave up and grabbed the first treatment i saw. 
Luckily for me the treatment was this one which ive been thoroughly loving the last few weeks and here's why ...

The Texture - The only texture that really floats my boat when it comes to conditioning products is one thats,  thick, creamy and feels luxurious to the touch. Luckily for me that describes the texture of this product perfectly. 

Hair Benefits - Treat Me Right conditioning treatment contains 5 oils all which have there own unique benefits. Avocado Oil to moisturize, Argan Oil to soften and add shine, Apricot helps to revitalize, Grape Seed Oil to prevent damage and promotes growth and finally Jojoba oil helps in preventing split ends and also adds shine.   

Smell - Im not going to lie and tell you its the best smelling treatment ive used but it doesn't have a horrible smell either. In fact i would say it doesn't have one other than a subtle creamy moisturizing scent.

Results -  Using this once a week, leaving on for around 5 minutes a time i find this leaves my hair super soft, with a nice natural shine, my split ends arent as noticeable and my hair is left a lot more manageable and less frizzy than before.

Cons - The only real downside to this for me is that i don't find the results as long lasting as some of the treatments ive used in the past therefore i would probably suggest using it a few times a week to start, also because of the thick texture i do find myself using rather a lot of this at a time but with it being a 300ml tub i don't see it running out any time soon. 

All together i would recommend this product if your looking for something intense with instant results, like a product that feels luxurious without the price tag and arent looking for a long term treatment just something simple.     



Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Products For Summer

Products For Summer

Its no secret that here in the UK our summers aren't the hottest. But products like this cheer me up enough to justify that the weather here is quite frankly crap (well most of the time anyway) therefore i decided to put together a little list of products i like to buy this time of year to see me through...

1. Dry shampoo - i cant say that my hair gets affected by the heat that much but with barbeques and camping trips right around the corner i like to carry a bottle of dry shampoo with me just for a quick fix when i dont have regular shampoo to hand.

2. Bright Nail Polishes - There's nothing that compliments a tan nicer than a good old bright slick of colour on the nails. Ive been loving Botanical Gardens from Nails Inc but with the likes of Barry M and Rimmel you will be spoiled for choice!
3. Mattifying Primer - I personally like to use a primer all year round but in the summer i cant go without especially on my t-zone and Mattifying primers are my favourite to use, i try to look for one thats nice and light and isnt packed with silcones such as Bare minerals Prime Time.

4. Perfume - Body Shop have recently launched a new range of perfumes for summer that include scents such as grapefruit and coconut, there the perfect handbag size and at just £8 a complete bargain also.

5.  Bronzer - Its not until a couple years back that i ever really bothered with bronzer, partly because i could never find one that looked okay on my skin tone. But i think this one would be great for almost any skin tone and because of the different sections can be used in a variety of ways. I also really like the Jour Matte bronzer and Rimmel do a nice budget one too.



Sunday, 5 May 2013

Beauty Haul!

This month I thought rather than do a favourites post I would do something a bit different. When it comes to bits and bobs  ive brought I don't often put them in a post as normally its just boring old re-purchases or essentials (lets face It who wants to read a post about shaving foam?) but this month instead of spending my pennies on clothes I seem to have accumulated rather a lot of beauty products. So I gathered them all up took some photos and thought I would chuck them into a rather large beauty haul!

First Off Nail Polishes ... Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes in the shades Grapefruit and Greenberry - Boots £3.99
MUA Pistachio Ice Cream - Superdrug £1
L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat - Boots £4.99
L'Oreal Metropolitan - Boots £4.99

Makeup Bits ... MUA Power Pout in the shades Rendezvous and Broken Hearted - Superdrug £3  
MUA Pearl Eye shadow Shade 30 - Superdrug £1
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Boots £4.50 
Revlon Colorstay Foundation - Boots £12.99
Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara - Boots £1.99

Skincare Stuff ... Neutrogena 2in1 Wash and Clay Mask - Superdrug £3.99
                            Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz - Boots £3.49
                                        L'Oreal Micellaire Water - Superdrug £4.99

Hair Care ... VO5 Treat Me Right Deep Conditioning Treatment - Boots £4.39
              Tony&Guy Extreme Hold Hairspray (travel) - Boots £1.99

Other Stuff ... Original Source Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel - Asda £1
               Soltan Tanning Mitt - Boots £2.66
                   Soap&Glory Clean Girls Shower Gel (Mini) - Boots £1.99
                    Soap&Glory The Daily Smooth Body Lotion (Mini) - Boots £1.99

As you can tell its all Drugstore and Boots especially are always having deals/offers on so look out for those!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Follow Me Via Bloglovin

Just a quick post from me today!

As you have probably heard Google is getting rid of there Reader soon which means you will not be able to follow me anymore via Google reader.

I am however on Bloglovin, which in my opinion is a brilliant way to follow blogs and super easy to use.

Its really easy to create an account and you can add my blog to read via the bloglovin widget located on the right side of my Blog.

Thanks For Reading x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Nail Polish Picks

We all love painting our nails right? 
Well i know i do anyway, so i get pretty exited when spring comes around and i start to get out all my pretty pastel polishes. 
Most of these are drugstore so really inexpensive and here they are ...

L-R // Essie - To Buy Or Not To Buy // Rimmel - Sweet As Sugar // Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street // Collection - Fruit Loop // OPI - Alpine Snow // Barry M - Strawberry I/C.

Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy - A pretty, grey toned Lilac with a very slight blue shimmer, super pretty goes on smoothly, opaque in two coats with a good dry time. Plus the blue shimmer gives a nice twist to an otherwise average lilac.

Rimmel Sweet As Sugar - I only brought this a few weeks back and can't stop wearing it. A gorgeous baby/icy blue that looks great on its own or paired with silver glitter. Because its such a light shade it does take a few coats to build up too the color in the bottle but goes on streak free and stays put for ages even without a top coat.

Nails Inc Elizabeth Street - Perfect for a french manicure paired with alpine snow. Or to wear on its own for a simple but more polished look. Apply's well, takes a few coats to get opaque coverage but i personally think it looks better when sheer.

Collection Fruit Loop -  This one is a little deceiving as in the bottle it looks a pastel peach shade, but once applied seems to look a lot brighter on the nails. If you want a true pastel peach i wouldn't recommend applying more than one coat. But whether its a more toned down peach or slightly brighter i still think it looks really nice.

OPI Alpine Snow - Great for the tips of a french manicure as its a true white shade that lasts for ages and is opaque in just one/two coats. Although glitter/crackle topcoats look nice on top of this. 

Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream - From the Ice Cream collection, a very basic yet pretty pastel pink that suits everybody and i think is a must for spring. Opaque in just two coats, lasts for ages and is really easy to get hold of.Plus Barry M do a whole range of pastels so defiantly worth checking out!

Thanks For Reading x

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ebay Finds/Haul.

I always get super excited when i have a little extra cash at the end of the month and until a few weeks ago Ebay was proberbly the last place i would spend it. However i thought i would have a sneaky search when i read a ootd type post and discovered that the person's necklace was from none other than good old Ebay.

So here's what i found ill try and link the seller but i did purchase this stuff a while back and therefore some bits may not be available in the particular colour/style i have...

Silver/Gold Spike Necklace - Link Here!

Bronze Double Spike Necklace - Link Here!

Neon Pink Triangle Necklace - Link Here!

Aztec Print Necklace - Link Here!

Gold+Silver Spiked Bracelets - Link Here!

Skull Bracelet - Link Here!  // Bracelet with lettering - Link Here!

Thats all my Ebay Jewelery finds hope you enjoyed reading even though it was a very short post!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner - Review.

If there's one thing i always get drawn to but never fully satisfied with its a "fake tan" and in the process i seem to have accumulated quite an amount.  By far my favourites have to be gradual tanners i feel like there less orange and give a nicer less streaky looking finish. This one in particular is proberbly my favourite of them all although im eager to try the Palmers Bronzing Lotion. But back to this one.. 

Dove Summer Glow - comes in two different variations (if thats the right word?) one for medium to dark skin and one for far to medium. Although im quite pale i do have more olive undertones and for that reason decided on getting the medium to dark one. Dove have also brought out a gradual tanner with the same formula but with a subtle shimmer. I personally like a matte tan so brought the original and so far im more than impressed.

When first applied its white and just an ordinary looking lotion with a nice yet subtle smell. It goes on really easy and blends out nicely. Within a couple of hours the colour starts to come through and after just one application your left with a nice "glow". After applying the product a few days in a row your colour really starts to build up into a warm golden tan and stays put really well. I personally used it for three days in a row and now use it every other day. The best thing about gradual tanners though is that you can either settle for a golden glow or build it up into a deeper tan, depending on how often you use it. Once applied it absorbs quickly and leaves you streak free (something that most tanners often don't do). 

Although it is a lotion i would recommend applying some kind of body butter every now and again rather then just totally relying on this (don't get me wrong though it does its job) especially if you have dry skin. The only other thing i have to mention is that although it absorbs quickly it does leave you with a slight tacky feel for a few hours, i apply this at night though so by morning its absolutely fine.

The product retails for £4.99 but can normally be found on offer somewhere (try Superdrug or Boots for the best offers). You can find it here and here

Thanks for reading!