Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nubar Nails

If there's a nail brand that in my opinion doesn't get enough credit in the blogging world atm its Nubar Nail Polish. If you have never heard of this brand which is unlikely but just in case.. they are a brand aimed at creating Nail Polish that is "healthy" for the nails, all there polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. Chemicals found in many polishes known to cause cancer, birth defects etc. Another great thing about Nubar Nail Polish's is that they are all Vegan and Cruelty Free. Along with this they have a great range of beautiful and on trend colours to choose from.

Strawberry - from the jellybean collection

Quality - i own 6 Nubar polishes and they are all of great quality i find they last around 5 days without chipping on my nails which is good to say some polishes from other brands don't last a day without chipping. I also like the way that this polish applies as its quick and fuss free (the brush size is really good too.)  

Toasted Marshmallow - perfect for Autumn. 

Colour - The colours are really lovely and there is defiantly a great choice. There all really opaque meaning you only have to apply 2 coats (apart from some of the creams/champagne colours in which you have to apply 3.) Drying time is reasonable to i wouldn't say that there the fastest drying polishes but they are average. 

Kiwi - Another from the Jellybean collection

Other products - Nubar do a lovely selection of nail treatments and nail art brushes to. But with not having purchased any of these i feel it would be fear to comment on them. Although i have my eye on there Cucumber cuticle oil. 

Hyacinth - a purple with a sparkle

Where to Buy and price - Nubar is sold through a variety of online shops such as beautyshed and CultBeauty. The price in my opinion is reasonable ranging from £6.95 for a standard polish. 

Cayman Coral

All in all i defiantly think that Nubar are worth checking out if your like me and you like a good quality polish at a affordable price!

Pink Lily

Thanks for reading, sorry that the pictures aren't taken by myself. My playbook in which i use to take pictures has died r.i.p so these will have to do for now until i get myself another camera of some sort!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Graze Box!

Food Layout
Box Content
Info Leaflets
Graze Box

So when i got a leaflet through my door about food box, Graze i thought they were such a good idea. I sure do love my food and these boxes are just so yummy! The idea behind them is that you make an account on there website Here and choose the foods in which you would like to either;
  • Bin (meaning you don't like the food and therefore never want to receive it)
  • Try ( you would be happy for the food to be included in your box)
  • Like (these foods will be included in most boxes you recieve)
  • Love (these foods will be included in nearly every box)

 Once you decided which foods you would like to either bin,try,like or you love, you will then be asked to select a delivery day, which i think is a great option especially if you are a busy bee like me. Once you have selected your delivery day you can expect a box to arrive every week on that day. Within the box will be four delicious foods for you to try. The proportions of the foods are snack size as all of the foods are snacks.

Onto the fun part... In my box i received...
  • Smocked Paprika Garlic&Thyme Rustic Marble Bread ( a soft doughy bread with smoked paprika and a sprinkle of garlic&thyme.)
  •  Scrumtious Blueberry Swirl (a mix of yogurt&blueberry raisins,raspberry infused cranberries and blackcurrants.
  • Honeycomb Crunch (milk chocolate coated honeycomb, sultanas and almonds)
  • Tomato Dipinetti (herb breadsticks with a tomato and rosemary dip)
  The box also included a leaflet about the company and its aims and a little guide to each food you have personally received explaining about the key nutritional's and when each food should be ate by etc.

The Company Itself was started by 7 friends a few years back and aims to invent snacks that show off "healths more pleasurable side." Everything in the graze boxes is as natural and organic as possible and the box itself and its content are all recyclable.  The boxes are £3.89 however you can purchase your first box half price at just £1.94. Also when you purchase 5 boxes the fifth box if free!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, 24 September 2012

PassionForFashion Blogger Challenge!

I for one love to do little blogger challenges like this one as i just love to look at all the beautiful clothes online. So when i heard about the Money Super Market - Passion For Fashion challenge i jumped at the chance to take part.

They say "We're looking for bloggers to publish a blog post featuring five different outfits for different occasions; party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear, creating the ultimate autumn/winter wardrobe. To do this, browse your favourite online fashion retailers and pick different items which will complement each other to create a fabulous autumn/winter look for each category. Each outfit should be under £200, and include all aspects of an outfit, including shoes and accessories."

You should credit the source in which you got your photos/pictures and explain why you think your outfit is great value and will stand the test of the British winter. Within your post you should provide the THIS LINK and when your done send them an email containing your post for you chance to win!

Casual Outfit

Topshop Army Jacket - I loved Zara's version last fall and this winter ive fallen for Topshop's version. At £65 its a decent price for a coat that will last for years to come as its great quality and one of those staple pieces that can be worn year after year. With its light weight material its a coat that can be worn on many occasions whether its to throw on in a hurry or to dress up on a chilly night out. Its leather sleeves give it some edge and with khaki set to be a favorable colour this a/w you'll look very on trend. 
Topshop Black Body con Dress - In my opinion you can never go wrong with a LBD and with this coming just above the knee its the perfect casual length. Being body con and figure hugging it was the right style to team with more "boxy and oversized" items such as the boots and coat. Its high neckline also gives it a daytime appropriate look and allows you to team it with almost anything from a collar to a big statement necklace like ive chosen. 
Topshop Socks - £3 we all need to keep our toes warm in winter and with thrill detailing on the top they give an outfit that "finishing" look. 
Missguided Boots -  It was either these or some Chelsea boots but i thought these might work better with a midi length dress and socks. I love there wooden heel the fact that there platforms make them more comfy than your standard heels. There £35 which is more than half the price you would pay for a pair of real Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. 
Silver Statement Necklace - £17 via eBay, oh how you can find some great bargains on eBay. I love this necklace and i think it makes the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise "plain" outfit. Worn on the neckline of the dress i think it just spices things up a little and i honestly think that it looks more expensive than the mere £17. 
Outfit Total - £117.50

Outdoor Outfit

 Asos Leather Chelsea Boots - In the sale for £25, yeah you read right just £25! I personally just love Chelsea boots with everything, there sturdy and comfy enough to wear in winter whilst being stylish and fitting every out perfectly.
Asos Blondon Tights - Gone down to £6 in the sale. Tights, tights, tights well they just go with everything don't they?
Silver Cross Chain Collar via eBay - I adore this and ordered one straight away. Crosses and Skulls are set to be a massive trend this a/w so i thought this would perfect with the shirt ive picked out. Plus its only £3.99 so a great bargain too!
Topshop Chunky Knit Cardigan - £42 Perfect in keeping your warm. Although its knitted it also seems lightweight so its great for throwing on over jumpers, long t-shirts etc.
Levi Shorts via Asos - £35 Who doesn't love a pair of classic Levi's, i chose the light wash ones as the majority of the outfit is black i though light wash may brighten things up a bit.
Black Knitted Jumper Topshop - £36
New Look Checked Shirt - £15 Im not gonna lie i was searching the internet for a few hours trying to find the perfect checked shirt! I adore this one i think the colours are lovely and worn under the jumper with the collar chain it will look great.
 Outfit Total - £162.50

Party Outfit

Miss Selfridge Dress - £45 The thing that attracted me most to this dress was the stunning lace detailing. Its a very glamorous and sophisticated dress without being to over the top making it suitable for all kinds of party's whether it be a prom or a nightclub your off to. I love the nude/pink top as it gives the dress a perfect pop of colour and makes the lace detailing stand out all the more.
Shoes Miss Selfridge - Reduced from £42 to £35, i kept the shoes very basic as i wanted the detailing on the dress to be the focal point of the out. Plus with the dipped hem skirt i thought anything other than plain black heels would look a little "busy" plus because there platform there all the better for walking in!
Clutch Asos - Down to £28, this glitter clutch was the perfect finishing touch to my party outfit. I love how its kept simple with a gold chain strap and black clasp, it defiantly looks worth alot more than £28.
Earring Miss Selfridge - £6.99 again i kept it simple with a pair of gold earrings i was originally going to opt for studs but with this being a party outfit i thought i would go for something a bit more glamorous.
 Outfit Total - £114.00

First Date Outfit

Dress River Island - £32 for this outfit i chose another LBD simply because there so easy to dress up and with this being a first date outfit i wanted something that would look pretty but without being to dressy. The stud detaling only being placed around the neckline makes it on trend but versatile.
Shoes Topshop - £65 a little overpriced if you ask me but then again they can be worn time and time again being simple and all that. And the rose gold studs make them the perfect companion to the studded dress and gold accessories. 
Gold Watch - £28 a watch is very handy in my opinion when on a first date (you wouldn't want to be late now would you) This one from River Island is oversized making it stand out and finish off the outfit.
Headband eBay - £1.99 worn on the forhead with Kim Kardashian inspired waves throughout the hair i think this would look stunning and being as there only £1.99 you could buy all different designs!
Outfit Total = £126.99

Office Work Outfit 


River Island Pu Leather Trouser - £55 These are one of the only pairs of leather trousers ive seen around, there's loads of leather leggings but no trousers! So i was happy to find these at River Island i think they make the perfect work trousers. Being a trouser rather than leggings they are loose fitting making them comfy to wear all day.
Topshop Vest - £3 another sale item. Again a loose fitting item making it comfy and wearable for work. I Love black and white items paired together especially for work or formal events.
Topshop Studded Vectra's - £28 Love them!
Blazer via eBay - £12.99 I knew i had to include this when i saw the £12.99 price tag. I think its the perfect blazer being oversized and black.
ROCK ring Miss Selfridge - £1 ... omg just £1 this is one of those ring sets you wear just above the knuckle's so its bang on trend and gives the outfit that personal touch.
Outfit Total = £108.09

So there my five outfits thanks for reading guys!

Disliked Products

Im not normally one to find products that i dislike to be honest and im sure that the products i have chosen will be loved by other people so these are just my personal reasons for not liking them. Also i haven't brought all of these products recently, some of them have been sitting in my draws for ages ...


  First Things First .... 

Clean&Clear advantage spot control cleanser and Spot Control Moisturizer - I brought these in a set at a discount store a while back, so i cant complain at the price as it only cost £5 for the cleanser/moisturizer and spot treatment. The Cleanser - After using it for a week or so i found that my skin was becoming more red and sensitive and as for the "clear" part it was breaking me out rather than clearing my skin. Also this stuff smells so strongly of alcohol that it becomes a little overwhelming. The Moisturizer - Again this didn't help calm my skin, it only made it more red and irritated and it didn't feel as though it was really doing anything, in fact i think it made my skin pretty dry rather then moisturized.

      Burts Bee's Cleansing Cream - This product would be really nice if you have dry or normal skin type, however because i have combination skin i felt as though it was okay in the dryer parts of my face but throughout the T-zone it was just making it oily.  Also this product has a really thick consistency so you do generally have to use more than average on a daily basis. Another thing is that ive always brought Burts bees products for there amazing smell and well this just didn't really smell of anything.  

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes - Ive never really been one to use baby wipes on my face before but i thought i would give these a whirl as im a sucker for The Body Shop and have found all there products to be fantastic in the past. Now correct me if im wrong but ive always known tea tree to be a rather subtle smell, not with these wipes! there so strong. There that strong that i opened the packet and my mum (who was in the next room btw) shouted whats that nice smell?. So ill give them that they smell nice but with having sensitive skin anything that smells that strong puts me straight off using it on my face. And at £4 a pack they are overpriced in my opinion.

Models Own Volumising "Big Brush" Mascara - I think this is the only mascara that i have ever brought and disliked to be honest which is a shame because i love Models Own nail polishes and cosmetics but this just didn't cut it for me. With is larger than life brush it was hard to use, and just didn't grip the lashes like a good mascara should, making it so that only the tips of lashes were being coated and the base of the lashes was left untouched. Now i ordered this via Asos and normally ive never had a problem with them, but when i received this it was dry and had a really strange smell, so maybe thats just my one?

Natural Collection Lipgloss - At £1.99 its one of those products im not going to complain to much about but this basically lacks colour! the reason why i brought this was for the colour so when i put 3 coats on and it was still almost clear i wasn't happy. Also it wears off really quickly like after 15 mins so i don't think i will be purchasing another one as i simply don't have the time to rush to a mirror every 15 minutes to apply more!  

Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm - How do you say Umberto Giannini? ive always wondered lol. This is the only hair product ive not liked in a long long time, I only applied this to the mid-ends of my hair as i tend to get oily roots easily. After using it frequently for a few weeks i decided it just wasn't doing anything to my hair. There was literally no difference. It smells okay i guess and the consistency is nice and thick making me think that it would work a treat on my split ends but it just didn't help in the slightest tbh. 

So thats it for my disappointing products and now that ive had a good old moan about them i can concentrate on using the products i love haha! Hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know if there's any products you would recommend me try!

Friday, 21 September 2012

How Much Is My Face Worth?

A lot of people have been doing these recently and for some reason i find them really interesting to read, its nice to be nosey and know that im not the only one who enjoys spending my pennys on makeup! I was also really shocked when i discovered some people's were worth over £200 thats when i thought "my face would probably only cost about £50" then i totted it all up and surprised myself haha!


Benefit The Porefessional Primer - £23.50
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - £27.50
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
Natural Collection Loose Powder - £1.99
MAC Powder Blush In "Fleur Power" - £17.50
Sleek "Dark" Brow Palette - £8.50
Rimmel Liquid Liner - £5.29
Rimmel Khol Liner - £2.99
Lancome Hypnose Mascara - £21.00
Chanel Lipstick In "Coquette" - £25.00

Altogether my face is worth .... £137.46 which from what ive read is pretty average although i haven't bothered to include eye shadows or lipgloss because those sort of products are forever changing and i rarely ever use the same ones for more than a couple of days :)

Thanks for reading and how much is your face worth?  

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Autumn Nails

So Autumn/winter is probably my favourite time of year, i just love to snuggle in front of the fire with my PJ'S and hot choc! Another reason for a/w being my favourite time of year is my love for dark colours such as purples and reds. So therefore ive picked out my favourite nail polishes ill be sure to wear throughout autumn and winter.

17 Mini Polish - True Red ... I got this nail polish in one of 17's christmas collection gift sets and i love it! Its great for adding a pop of colour to the nails.
No7 Stay Perfect - Betty Blues ... I Love No7 nail polish i always think they have a great selection of colours and i especially like the darker range of colours they do, Betty Blues however is a navy blue with a noticeable shimmer that perfect festive colour.
Maybelline Salon Expert - Bitten Plum ... This is the only Maybelline nail polish that i own however i defiantly want to try more as i only purchased this a couple of weeks back. It stays on forever, with only minimal chipping and the colour is a beautiful red toned plum. 
Gosh - Miss Mole ... I was looking for the perfect chocolate/nude shade of polish in what feels like forever and i think ive found that perfect "go to" shade in Gosh's Miss Mole (only sold through Superdrug).
MUA - Shade 3 ... I picked this up a good year or so ago so im surprised it hasn't gone gloopy and hard to use. The only downside to MUA polishes is that they don't have names just shade numbers so the best way to describe it would be a medium shade of purple with no glitter or shimmer. Something that can be worn for any occasion or season.
No7 Stay Perfect - Rose Truffle ... I LOVE this colour its a gorgeous "wine" red colour that is darker on the nails than it looks in the bottle. To me its my all time favourite No7 nail polish.
17 Mini Polish - Bronze/Gold ... This is going to be great over the christmas period as its a great dark gold/light bronzed colour and would go with any outfit. Im not normally one for metallic polishes but i think this one is just lovely not two in your face. 

What Nail Polishes Are You Wearing At The Moment? 

Monday, 17 September 2012


Thought i would just share an OOTD with you guys, I know the lightning in this photo is a bit crappy but ive just been so busy the last few days that i havent been getting home until the sun is going down, meaning all the photos turned out quite dark ( i also really need to invest in a good quality camera!). But never the less i hope you all like it! Also i came to realise everything i was wearing is from primark haha just goes to show how much im liking there stuff atm i guess :)

Studded Shoes - £6    Leather Pants - £8     Bag - £8      Top £6  

Saturday, 15 September 2012

September Must Haves

So Ive been doing a lot of online shopping recently eyeing up the latest must haves and generally trying to figure out what i really need and what i can live without (for now). As my wardrobe has started to overflow with things that ive brought, worn once and forgot about, i thought it might be time to stop buying random things or things that i simple wanna buy because it seemed like a good idea at the time and start concentrating on what i really need wellies, coats etc. These are just some of the things ive looked at over and over again and i bloody well love....  

Hunter Black Gloss Wellies - Buy them here. Ive never owned a pair of hunter wellies ive always eyed them up but just always put myself off by thinking "are you going to wear them enough?" however this year im going to take the plunge and invest in some. These are the gloss version however Hunter have a massive range to choose from. At £85 they are expensive but they last ages and will defiantly see me through a couple of winters at least.
O.P.I Don't Talk Back To Me - £9 via Asos lovely Olive green colour, perfect for the Autumn. 
Cambridge Satchel Bag Oxblood - Via Asos, how gorgeous is this satchel bag? The colour the style everything just screams Autumn not the cheapest thing in the world at £95 but you can tell that its great quality (i can justify it with that).
Pu Leggings - From  Boohoo included in my "Boohoo Bloggers Challenge" i love these as there not as shiny as most of the leather look leggings ive seen recently but more matte which i prefer for everyday wear. Going to look great with a pair of studded slipper shoes and a black oversized chunky knit cardie for a comfy daytime look. 

Thanks for reading guys. What have you got your eye on?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Honeyz Bath Products.

I was doing a little online shopping a few weeks back when i came across this little store. The shop is actually based in Whitby and my mum has brought a few products from there before, which prompted me to check them out for myself. If im honest there website isn't jam packed with all there products but it shows there main ones, such as bath bombs, soaps etc. With always haven brought my bath products from lush i had high hopes for these and were expecting them to be as good as lush's products. I was not disappointed i love them! I brought the Mini Bath bombs in which are £1.90, a simple bar of soap for £2.70 and a few bigger bath bombs in which were £2-£3. Overall im really impressed with this little company and i will defiantly be purchasing more products from them as i just love finding small, independent company's which are cheap&cheerful. The best thing about them however is there all hand made, suitable for sensitive skin, vegetarians and are NOT tested on animals. To check them out visit there site HERE.

Strawberry Bath Bomb

Ocean Breeze BIG Bath Bomb

Grapfruit Swiss Roll Soap


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Boohoo £50 Blogger Challenge!

Ive decided to take part in the Boohoo £50 blogger challenge, ive always thought that boohoo is a great affordable company so in my opinion its good that they have come up with a little "challenge" for us to get involved in. When i say challenge i thought it was going to be a piece of cake, i was wrong it was so hard to pick out just one outfit with so many gorgeous clothes to choose from and still be on budget. If you would like to be involved in the Boohoo Blogger Challenge then click here.

The Outfit: White Grandad Shit - £7 Black Pu Pants With Zip Detailing - £20   Black Heels - £15   Skull Bracelet - £5 

So all together the outfit came to a grand total of £47. I tried to create an outfit that i thought would be suitable for multiple occasions, something thats comfy but stylish. That you can wear through this a/w.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and don't forget to take part! 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Garnier BB cream or Maybelline BB cream?

So BB creams have been on the market for a while now and im sure that many of you have tried a few and have your own favourite but the two that ive tried are the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter and the Maybelline Dream Fresh. Both high street well known brands, but which one is the best?

Lets start with price and packaging?
The Garnier one is £9.99 which in my opinion is a reasonable price considering higher end ones can be anything up to £36.00 which is not a price im willing to pay for sure. Whereas the Maybelline one is £7.99 a tad cheaper. On to the packaging... none of the BB creams are anything special when it comes to the packaging which i don't mind but there not something you would leave out to look pretty. They are however practical as they come in a plastic tube like bottle, which is good if your like me and travel around a lot on a weekly basis.

The Product Itself?
In my opinion none of them are fantastic tbh they both have the flaws however if i had to repurchase one it would be the Maybelline Dream Fresh one i think. Like most BB creams they both have a slight orange tint to them which isn't the best if your fair skinned. When first applied the Garnier one was a dream with a medium consistency it applied evenly and blended in like a dream. The Maybelline one had a thicker consistency and  took a little more work when it came to blending but again applied easily enough. However the day i tried the Garnier one i looked in the mirror about 2 hours after application and it had completely disappeared like i had never applied it, now i didn't expect it to last for hours on end however lets face it you don't want to be re-applying a base product every 2 hours. Although i am putting its lack of lasting performance down to the fact that i have combination skin and the Garnier one was probably a little to oily for my skin type. Therefore this ones probably better for dryer skin types. The Maybelline one however lasted for about 6 hours which is pretty good for a BB cream, i also found this to suit my skin type better as it didn't make my skin look or feel oily.

I for one wont be re-purchasing the Garnier one, however im still using the Maybelline one and its still working just fine for me. I would like to try out some other BB creams though both high street and high end so let me know if you have any recommendations, Garnier now do a oil free version so if your like me and have either oily or combination skin this might be a better option for you.

What's you favourite BB cream? 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Fashion Icons

Today im going to do a post ive been meaning to do for ages but was in to minds whether you guys would find it boring or not. But hey ho i thought i would take the plunge and do it anyway ...

Fashion Icons
We all have them, and these are just mine. It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few people as there are so many fashionable people out there, both celebrity and everyday people.

 Kim Kardashian - Has to be my all time favourite fashion icon, i just love the way she manages to pull of everything and anything and although she isn't everybody's cup of tea i think she's amazing. I especially love the way she styles her dresses for occasions such as the one shown (amFAR) she always looks so elegant but adding her own personal touch. I also think she is an inspiration to women who do have curves and boobs and aren't super duper skinny. (although at the same time there's nothing wrong with that as long as your healthy) 

Rihanna - Omg lets start by saying how gorgeous Rihanna is? She is one of those people who isnt afraid to push the boundaries a little and try out new things. I especially love her more "tribal" and "festival" outfits as i take the most inspiration from those and i feel those are the oufits she pulls off the best. She is also always so on trend, from her hair to her shoes!

Little Mix - So i thought i would include a group who haven't been on the fashion seen that long but i think have an amazing taste and are all in all always well put together. To be honest when these first came onto the scene it was a bit of a blahhhhh for me as lets face it when it comes to the X factor there's not that many groups that go all the way ... however for me Little mix have defiantly grown over the last year and there taste in fashion has become to my liking and now i just seem to love every outfit they throw together. Defiantly one of those groups you can just google and woahhhhh you have some inspiration.

So thats it from me today, i do have other fashion icons such as Angelina Jolie but i had to narrow it down otherwise we would be here all day. Who are your Fashion Icons?

P.S have you seen the new Garnier advert? How cute is that dalmatian puppy?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Vintage Insperation

I love (to say the least) anything thats vintage so when my sister asked if i would like to help decorate her room and make it more vintage i jumped at the chance. I haven't really been doing much apart from that so posts have been a little challenging to do. Therefore i thought i would take a few snaps to show you some of the bits and bobs i brought for the room. Im sure i will be purchasing more items in the next few weeks but this is it for now..

Wardrobe handles these are from token house and let me tell you it was so hard trying to pick these as there were like 50 to choose from however i thought the white ones might go best and the swallows give them the vintage touch.

Laura Ashley wallpaper, omg i was looking for wallpaper like this for about 2 months before i found this beauty. I know its quite "busy" however its only on one wall which has now become the feature wall.   

The chair was brought from ikea and was a little boring to say the least so i thought i would spice it up a little by adding a touch of lace and a cushion for a more feminine and comfy feel.  


The rug is from Laura Ashley, which is normally somewhere i typically try to avoid as it can be overpriced. But i saw this and fell in love. Its a beautiful mint blue and adds a little pattern to the room which is mainly white.      

Monday, 3 September 2012

A Little Haul

Today is going to be my first haul post ... waheyy I finally got round to doing one!

First stop was primark, one thing i have noticed with primark is there prices have increased over the last year or so but to be fare the quality and design has improved. Whereas before you could just look at an item and know whether it was from primark or not, now items are starting to look and feel a little more expensive and special. I only purchased three items today because i was in a bit of a rush and was iffing and butting about a lot of the items i picked up. I did pick up some leather look leggings but im hoping to do an outfit post with them at the end of the week.

Black Satchel Bag - £8  This was one of those items im talking about when i say that it looks more expensive than it actually is. I brought black however they had a beautiful mint green colour and nude which i plan to buy next.            Black Studded Slipper Shoes - £8 I was in to minds whether to get these or their spiked version, these obviously won me over in the end as i thought they were a little more work appropriate and they are so so comfy. 

Next shop i hit was Topshop, you know how they say you learn something new everyday? Well today i learned its not such a good idea to enter Topshop straight after primark, it makes everything seem so expensive! Never the less though i brought this cross and skull chain, i just thought it was a little different and i haven't seen anything like it in any other stores and just wanted something that i could pair with almost any style of top.

Topshop Skull and Cross Necklace - £9 I can't remember the exact price of this but im pretty sure it was just under £10.

Last but not least The Body Shop, not somewhere i go much nowadays but ive decided i need to venture out more when it comes to skin products as ive got myself stuck in the habit of purchasing everything from Boots and Superdrug when it comes to high street brands.

Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes - £4 a little bit expensive i think when it comes to facial wipes but hey ho never tried these so thought i would give them a whirl. Body Shop Mascara - £10 I have never tried a body shop mascara because they have never appealed to me but again thought i would try it out. Black Khol Liner - £8 Camomile Makeup Remover - £3 (travel sized) Ive been eyeing this up for a while now and thought i would just take the plunge as i cant really go wrong with it being £3. Natrulift Skin Care Set - £14 This isn't for me but for my mum as its her birthday in November so im currently just collecting little bits and bobs as i go along, although ive heard some really good reviews about this.  

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lush - Angles On Bare Skin

The only time i really ever shop in lush is at Christmas or in the sales, not because i dont like their products but just because every time i plan to go in i take a look and its absolutely packed in there!
I think its probably because its one of there smaller stores and because its the only one around here its always crammed which kinda puts me off as i like to be able to take my time sampling the products rather than getting rushed around and elbowed in every direction.

But never the less i braved the store a few weeks back and picked up the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser. Ive used this before and really enjoyed it so im glad to have it back. I think its one of those cleansers that suits every type of skin, and its reasonable priced to at £6.25 per 100g which lasts for ages. With ground almond (which turns to almond milk when applied) it reduces redness, evens out skin tone and leaves the face feeling really fresh and cleansed.