Monday, 24 September 2012

PassionForFashion Blogger Challenge!

I for one love to do little blogger challenges like this one as i just love to look at all the beautiful clothes online. So when i heard about the Money Super Market - Passion For Fashion challenge i jumped at the chance to take part.

They say "We're looking for bloggers to publish a blog post featuring five different outfits for different occasions; party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear, creating the ultimate autumn/winter wardrobe. To do this, browse your favourite online fashion retailers and pick different items which will complement each other to create a fabulous autumn/winter look for each category. Each outfit should be under £200, and include all aspects of an outfit, including shoes and accessories."

You should credit the source in which you got your photos/pictures and explain why you think your outfit is great value and will stand the test of the British winter. Within your post you should provide the THIS LINK and when your done send them an email containing your post for you chance to win!

Casual Outfit

Topshop Army Jacket - I loved Zara's version last fall and this winter ive fallen for Topshop's version. At £65 its a decent price for a coat that will last for years to come as its great quality and one of those staple pieces that can be worn year after year. With its light weight material its a coat that can be worn on many occasions whether its to throw on in a hurry or to dress up on a chilly night out. Its leather sleeves give it some edge and with khaki set to be a favorable colour this a/w you'll look very on trend. 
Topshop Black Body con Dress - In my opinion you can never go wrong with a LBD and with this coming just above the knee its the perfect casual length. Being body con and figure hugging it was the right style to team with more "boxy and oversized" items such as the boots and coat. Its high neckline also gives it a daytime appropriate look and allows you to team it with almost anything from a collar to a big statement necklace like ive chosen. 
Topshop Socks - £3 we all need to keep our toes warm in winter and with thrill detailing on the top they give an outfit that "finishing" look. 
Missguided Boots -  It was either these or some Chelsea boots but i thought these might work better with a midi length dress and socks. I love there wooden heel the fact that there platforms make them more comfy than your standard heels. There £35 which is more than half the price you would pay for a pair of real Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. 
Silver Statement Necklace - £17 via eBay, oh how you can find some great bargains on eBay. I love this necklace and i think it makes the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise "plain" outfit. Worn on the neckline of the dress i think it just spices things up a little and i honestly think that it looks more expensive than the mere £17. 
Outfit Total - £117.50

Outdoor Outfit

 Asos Leather Chelsea Boots - In the sale for £25, yeah you read right just £25! I personally just love Chelsea boots with everything, there sturdy and comfy enough to wear in winter whilst being stylish and fitting every out perfectly.
Asos Blondon Tights - Gone down to £6 in the sale. Tights, tights, tights well they just go with everything don't they?
Silver Cross Chain Collar via eBay - I adore this and ordered one straight away. Crosses and Skulls are set to be a massive trend this a/w so i thought this would perfect with the shirt ive picked out. Plus its only £3.99 so a great bargain too!
Topshop Chunky Knit Cardigan - £42 Perfect in keeping your warm. Although its knitted it also seems lightweight so its great for throwing on over jumpers, long t-shirts etc.
Levi Shorts via Asos - £35 Who doesn't love a pair of classic Levi's, i chose the light wash ones as the majority of the outfit is black i though light wash may brighten things up a bit.
Black Knitted Jumper Topshop - £36
New Look Checked Shirt - £15 Im not gonna lie i was searching the internet for a few hours trying to find the perfect checked shirt! I adore this one i think the colours are lovely and worn under the jumper with the collar chain it will look great.
 Outfit Total - £162.50

Party Outfit

Miss Selfridge Dress - £45 The thing that attracted me most to this dress was the stunning lace detailing. Its a very glamorous and sophisticated dress without being to over the top making it suitable for all kinds of party's whether it be a prom or a nightclub your off to. I love the nude/pink top as it gives the dress a perfect pop of colour and makes the lace detailing stand out all the more.
Shoes Miss Selfridge - Reduced from £42 to £35, i kept the shoes very basic as i wanted the detailing on the dress to be the focal point of the out. Plus with the dipped hem skirt i thought anything other than plain black heels would look a little "busy" plus because there platform there all the better for walking in!
Clutch Asos - Down to £28, this glitter clutch was the perfect finishing touch to my party outfit. I love how its kept simple with a gold chain strap and black clasp, it defiantly looks worth alot more than £28.
Earring Miss Selfridge - £6.99 again i kept it simple with a pair of gold earrings i was originally going to opt for studs but with this being a party outfit i thought i would go for something a bit more glamorous.
 Outfit Total - £114.00

First Date Outfit

Dress River Island - £32 for this outfit i chose another LBD simply because there so easy to dress up and with this being a first date outfit i wanted something that would look pretty but without being to dressy. The stud detaling only being placed around the neckline makes it on trend but versatile.
Shoes Topshop - £65 a little overpriced if you ask me but then again they can be worn time and time again being simple and all that. And the rose gold studs make them the perfect companion to the studded dress and gold accessories. 
Gold Watch - £28 a watch is very handy in my opinion when on a first date (you wouldn't want to be late now would you) This one from River Island is oversized making it stand out and finish off the outfit.
Headband eBay - £1.99 worn on the forhead with Kim Kardashian inspired waves throughout the hair i think this would look stunning and being as there only £1.99 you could buy all different designs!
Outfit Total = £126.99

Office Work Outfit 


River Island Pu Leather Trouser - £55 These are one of the only pairs of leather trousers ive seen around, there's loads of leather leggings but no trousers! So i was happy to find these at River Island i think they make the perfect work trousers. Being a trouser rather than leggings they are loose fitting making them comfy to wear all day.
Topshop Vest - £3 another sale item. Again a loose fitting item making it comfy and wearable for work. I Love black and white items paired together especially for work or formal events.
Topshop Studded Vectra's - £28 Love them!
Blazer via eBay - £12.99 I knew i had to include this when i saw the £12.99 price tag. I think its the perfect blazer being oversized and black.
ROCK ring Miss Selfridge - £1 ... omg just £1 this is one of those ring sets you wear just above the knuckle's so its bang on trend and gives the outfit that personal touch.
Outfit Total = £108.09

So there my five outfits thanks for reading guys!


  1. great collection of picks- I love that jacket!

    Gina Michele
    Rock Mosaic

  2. really love that jacket! xxx

  3. Love the dress in the "first date" outfit. So lovely.


  4. love the outdoor and first date outfits! they are so something I would wear :)
    Sarah x

  5. I'd definitely wear every single one of these outfits! You have good taste! :) xx

  6. I took part in this competition too, I loved it, any chance to 'have to' look around for clothes :)

    Nice outfits!



    1. Thats the main reason i take part aha and thankyou x

  7. love the 'casual' and 'outdoor' outfits so much! :) xx