Monday, 10 September 2012

Fashion Icons

Today im going to do a post ive been meaning to do for ages but was in to minds whether you guys would find it boring or not. But hey ho i thought i would take the plunge and do it anyway ...

Fashion Icons
We all have them, and these are just mine. It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few people as there are so many fashionable people out there, both celebrity and everyday people.

 Kim Kardashian - Has to be my all time favourite fashion icon, i just love the way she manages to pull of everything and anything and although she isn't everybody's cup of tea i think she's amazing. I especially love the way she styles her dresses for occasions such as the one shown (amFAR) she always looks so elegant but adding her own personal touch. I also think she is an inspiration to women who do have curves and boobs and aren't super duper skinny. (although at the same time there's nothing wrong with that as long as your healthy) 

Rihanna - Omg lets start by saying how gorgeous Rihanna is? She is one of those people who isnt afraid to push the boundaries a little and try out new things. I especially love her more "tribal" and "festival" outfits as i take the most inspiration from those and i feel those are the oufits she pulls off the best. She is also always so on trend, from her hair to her shoes!

Little Mix - So i thought i would include a group who haven't been on the fashion seen that long but i think have an amazing taste and are all in all always well put together. To be honest when these first came onto the scene it was a bit of a blahhhhh for me as lets face it when it comes to the X factor there's not that many groups that go all the way ... however for me Little mix have defiantly grown over the last year and there taste in fashion has become to my liking and now i just seem to love every outfit they throw together. Defiantly one of those groups you can just google and woahhhhh you have some inspiration.

So thats it from me today, i do have other fashion icons such as Angelina Jolie but i had to narrow it down otherwise we would be here all day. Who are your Fashion Icons?

P.S have you seen the new Garnier advert? How cute is that dalmatian puppy?


  1. Love this post Kim K is definitely my fashion and beauty icon she's just gorgeous. I'm following you on bloglovin are you not on GFC? xx

  2. Love Zoe Deschanel and Sienna Miller :)

    1. Yeh Zoe Deschanel has great style :) x

  3. Kim's definitely one of my favourite fashion icons too! Lauren Conrad is one of ultimate favourites :) xo

  4. the dalmatian pupis gorgeous!
    great post, i hope you'll come say hi.
    laura xx