Monday, 17 September 2012


Thought i would just share an OOTD with you guys, I know the lightning in this photo is a bit crappy but ive just been so busy the last few days that i havent been getting home until the sun is going down, meaning all the photos turned out quite dark ( i also really need to invest in a good quality camera!). But never the less i hope you all like it! Also i came to realise everything i was wearing is from primark haha just goes to show how much im liking there stuff atm i guess :)

Studded Shoes - £6    Leather Pants - £8     Bag - £8      Top £6  


  1. Lovely outfit, I really like the colour of the top.
    Primark has a lot of great things in just now and as always great prices :)


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  3. beautiful outfit! i really adore the top :)
    your blog is so amazing, loving your posts <3

  4. love the top and the clutch here...

  5. I'm a sucker for a good bargain! I love the colour of your shirt and the collar tips xxx

  6. I like the tips on your collar!

    xo Jennifer