Monday, 24 September 2012

Disliked Products

Im not normally one to find products that i dislike to be honest and im sure that the products i have chosen will be loved by other people so these are just my personal reasons for not liking them. Also i haven't brought all of these products recently, some of them have been sitting in my draws for ages ...


  First Things First .... 

Clean&Clear advantage spot control cleanser and Spot Control Moisturizer - I brought these in a set at a discount store a while back, so i cant complain at the price as it only cost £5 for the cleanser/moisturizer and spot treatment. The Cleanser - After using it for a week or so i found that my skin was becoming more red and sensitive and as for the "clear" part it was breaking me out rather than clearing my skin. Also this stuff smells so strongly of alcohol that it becomes a little overwhelming. The Moisturizer - Again this didn't help calm my skin, it only made it more red and irritated and it didn't feel as though it was really doing anything, in fact i think it made my skin pretty dry rather then moisturized.

      Burts Bee's Cleansing Cream - This product would be really nice if you have dry or normal skin type, however because i have combination skin i felt as though it was okay in the dryer parts of my face but throughout the T-zone it was just making it oily.  Also this product has a really thick consistency so you do generally have to use more than average on a daily basis. Another thing is that ive always brought Burts bees products for there amazing smell and well this just didn't really smell of anything.  

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes - Ive never really been one to use baby wipes on my face before but i thought i would give these a whirl as im a sucker for The Body Shop and have found all there products to be fantastic in the past. Now correct me if im wrong but ive always known tea tree to be a rather subtle smell, not with these wipes! there so strong. There that strong that i opened the packet and my mum (who was in the next room btw) shouted whats that nice smell?. So ill give them that they smell nice but with having sensitive skin anything that smells that strong puts me straight off using it on my face. And at £4 a pack they are overpriced in my opinion.

Models Own Volumising "Big Brush" Mascara - I think this is the only mascara that i have ever brought and disliked to be honest which is a shame because i love Models Own nail polishes and cosmetics but this just didn't cut it for me. With is larger than life brush it was hard to use, and just didn't grip the lashes like a good mascara should, making it so that only the tips of lashes were being coated and the base of the lashes was left untouched. Now i ordered this via Asos and normally ive never had a problem with them, but when i received this it was dry and had a really strange smell, so maybe thats just my one?

Natural Collection Lipgloss - At £1.99 its one of those products im not going to complain to much about but this basically lacks colour! the reason why i brought this was for the colour so when i put 3 coats on and it was still almost clear i wasn't happy. Also it wears off really quickly like after 15 mins so i don't think i will be purchasing another one as i simply don't have the time to rush to a mirror every 15 minutes to apply more!  

Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm - How do you say Umberto Giannini? ive always wondered lol. This is the only hair product ive not liked in a long long time, I only applied this to the mid-ends of my hair as i tend to get oily roots easily. After using it frequently for a few weeks i decided it just wasn't doing anything to my hair. There was literally no difference. It smells okay i guess and the consistency is nice and thick making me think that it would work a treat on my split ends but it just didn't help in the slightest tbh. 

So thats it for my disappointing products and now that ive had a good old moan about them i can concentrate on using the products i love haha! Hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know if there's any products you would recommend me try!


  1. I love Johnson and Johnson but Im NOT a fan of the clean and clear line. Have never been. I prefer Nozema or Stridex pads. Way to be honest. We need more bloggers like that.


    1. No i think Clean&Clear is just way to harsh, and ive never heard of Nozema but ive just read a review on them and they sound really good :) x