Sunday, 9 September 2012

Vintage Insperation

I love (to say the least) anything thats vintage so when my sister asked if i would like to help decorate her room and make it more vintage i jumped at the chance. I haven't really been doing much apart from that so posts have been a little challenging to do. Therefore i thought i would take a few snaps to show you some of the bits and bobs i brought for the room. Im sure i will be purchasing more items in the next few weeks but this is it for now..

Wardrobe handles these are from token house and let me tell you it was so hard trying to pick these as there were like 50 to choose from however i thought the white ones might go best and the swallows give them the vintage touch.

Laura Ashley wallpaper, omg i was looking for wallpaper like this for about 2 months before i found this beauty. I know its quite "busy" however its only on one wall which has now become the feature wall.   

The chair was brought from ikea and was a little boring to say the least so i thought i would spice it up a little by adding a touch of lace and a cushion for a more feminine and comfy feel.  


The rug is from Laura Ashley, which is normally somewhere i typically try to avoid as it can be overpriced. But i saw this and fell in love. Its a beautiful mint blue and adds a little pattern to the room which is mainly white.      


  1. nicely done! that rug looks lovely!

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin'? let me know.
    wish you a wonderful week!

  2. Thankyou it was expensive but worth every penny! and yeh sure :) x

  3. I love the door handles. They are so cute