Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nubar Nails

If there's a nail brand that in my opinion doesn't get enough credit in the blogging world atm its Nubar Nail Polish. If you have never heard of this brand which is unlikely but just in case.. they are a brand aimed at creating Nail Polish that is "healthy" for the nails, all there polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. Chemicals found in many polishes known to cause cancer, birth defects etc. Another great thing about Nubar Nail Polish's is that they are all Vegan and Cruelty Free. Along with this they have a great range of beautiful and on trend colours to choose from.

Strawberry - from the jellybean collection

Quality - i own 6 Nubar polishes and they are all of great quality i find they last around 5 days without chipping on my nails which is good to say some polishes from other brands don't last a day without chipping. I also like the way that this polish applies as its quick and fuss free (the brush size is really good too.)  

Toasted Marshmallow - perfect for Autumn. 

Colour - The colours are really lovely and there is defiantly a great choice. There all really opaque meaning you only have to apply 2 coats (apart from some of the creams/champagne colours in which you have to apply 3.) Drying time is reasonable to i wouldn't say that there the fastest drying polishes but they are average. 

Kiwi - Another from the Jellybean collection

Other products - Nubar do a lovely selection of nail treatments and nail art brushes to. But with not having purchased any of these i feel it would be fear to comment on them. Although i have my eye on there Cucumber cuticle oil. 

Hyacinth - a purple with a sparkle

Where to Buy and price - Nubar is sold through a variety of online shops such as beautyshed and CultBeauty. The price in my opinion is reasonable ranging from £6.95 for a standard polish. 

Cayman Coral

All in all i defiantly think that Nubar are worth checking out if your like me and you like a good quality polish at a affordable price!

Pink Lily

Thanks for reading, sorry that the pictures aren't taken by myself. My playbook in which i use to take pictures has died r.i.p so these will have to do for now until i get myself another camera of some sort!


  1. Great post :)
    I have never tried these polishes but I really like the look of Toasted Marshmallow and Kiwi.


    1. Thanks and yeh there my two favs aswell :)

  2. just can't decide which one is my favorite...

  3. These are lovely colours but my favourite is the Hyacinth :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Hyacinth is gonna be perfect for Halloween and christmas! x