Friday, 14 September 2012

Honeyz Bath Products.

I was doing a little online shopping a few weeks back when i came across this little store. The shop is actually based in Whitby and my mum has brought a few products from there before, which prompted me to check them out for myself. If im honest there website isn't jam packed with all there products but it shows there main ones, such as bath bombs, soaps etc. With always haven brought my bath products from lush i had high hopes for these and were expecting them to be as good as lush's products. I was not disappointed i love them! I brought the Mini Bath bombs in which are £1.90, a simple bar of soap for £2.70 and a few bigger bath bombs in which were £2-£3. Overall im really impressed with this little company and i will defiantly be purchasing more products from them as i just love finding small, independent company's which are cheap&cheerful. The best thing about them however is there all hand made, suitable for sensitive skin, vegetarians and are NOT tested on animals. To check them out visit there site HERE.

Strawberry Bath Bomb

Ocean Breeze BIG Bath Bomb

Grapfruit Swiss Roll Soap



  1. I think those bath bombs or balls or whatever you call them are the best thing ever invented! I can't get enough of them!!! xx