Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner - Review.

If there's one thing i always get drawn to but never fully satisfied with its a "fake tan" and in the process i seem to have accumulated quite an amount.  By far my favourites have to be gradual tanners i feel like there less orange and give a nicer less streaky looking finish. This one in particular is proberbly my favourite of them all although im eager to try the Palmers Bronzing Lotion. But back to this one.. 

Dove Summer Glow - comes in two different variations (if thats the right word?) one for medium to dark skin and one for far to medium. Although im quite pale i do have more olive undertones and for that reason decided on getting the medium to dark one. Dove have also brought out a gradual tanner with the same formula but with a subtle shimmer. I personally like a matte tan so brought the original and so far im more than impressed.

When first applied its white and just an ordinary looking lotion with a nice yet subtle smell. It goes on really easy and blends out nicely. Within a couple of hours the colour starts to come through and after just one application your left with a nice "glow". After applying the product a few days in a row your colour really starts to build up into a warm golden tan and stays put really well. I personally used it for three days in a row and now use it every other day. The best thing about gradual tanners though is that you can either settle for a golden glow or build it up into a deeper tan, depending on how often you use it. Once applied it absorbs quickly and leaves you streak free (something that most tanners often don't do). 

Although it is a lotion i would recommend applying some kind of body butter every now and again rather then just totally relying on this (don't get me wrong though it does its job) especially if you have dry skin. The only other thing i have to mention is that although it absorbs quickly it does leave you with a slight tacky feel for a few hours, i apply this at night though so by morning its absolutely fine.

The product retails for £4.99 but can normally be found on offer somewhere (try Superdrug or Boots for the best offers). You can find it here and here

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  1. This is my favourite self tanning lotion :) I use the medium to dark one, even though I'm quite pale, because it tans my skin in 2 or 3 applications! I also agree, this fake tan actually smells quite nice :) xx

  2. Nice review! I might have to give this a go :) Never tried a gradual tanning lotion but this looks like a good one! Thanks

    Ellie x

    1. This is a really easy one to work with, great if you haven't tried one before :)

  3. i love gradual tanners and currently need a new one.. i may have to give this one a go x

  4. I've never tried a fake tan, though I have been wanting to for a couple of years now. I'll definitely give this one a go, thankyou! x