Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cheap&cheerfull Storage Ideas

So just another quick post from me today with some tips on storage. So me and my boyfriend are currently living at his parents house and share a bedroom which is a bit of nightmare when it comes to finding a place to put everything. We also have completely different tastes when it comes to decor, i like a vintage girly room whilst he could have navy blue walls and a brown ceiling for all he cares hehe. Therefore i find myself picking up a lot of storage boxes and little trinkets to try and find a place for everything to live.

First things first ... makeup brushes... they used to kept in my brush roll until i started finding that i needed more and more brushes for everyday use and with not leaving myself loads of time in the morning it was proving to be not the quickest of tasks getting them out and putting them back neatly everyday. So now i keep them in pretty jars (old sweetie jars are the best) after you have thoroughly cleaned the jars you can pretty much decorate them however you want. Their also great as they take up very little room and are easy to clean etc.


 Another useful storage method is to keep old gift bags (well the prettier ones anyway) again they take up very little room and are normally a decent enough size to be able to store a variety of different things. I have a few and store anything from hairbrushes to bath products. There also really cheap to buy mine are from primark and cost £1.50 for the two!

Hatboxes... great for storing things such as perfume/makeup/bottles such as shampoo etc. These are great for displaying items as they keep everything looking neat and tidy but again are normally super cute. You could even keep old carboard boxes and decorate them using wallpaper.

And finally dishes and smaller vases/plant pots ... im not talking about the clay terracotta ones (unless you like those of course) but something smaller and prettier like the ones i found in ikea. Great for storing anything from cotton pads to chunkier rings and bracelets.

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