Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Favourite Drugstore Products

So this post has been on my "to do" list for a while now but i always find it a struggle to pick out my favourite products whether they be high-end or high-street, there's just to many good ones!

Well i finally managed to narrow it down to 10 of my favorites, most of these i have been using and repurchasing for at least a year and a lot of them have been around for absolutely ages so there super easy to get your hands on.

Gosh nail polish in Miss Mole ... A medium brown polish, perfect for Autumn. This is the only Gosh polish that i own but i would defiantly purchase more as there drying time is good and this lasts on me for about 4+ days without chipping. 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent -  If your like me and have combo-oily skin then a setting powder is probably a must for you, although i do generally steer towards loose powders ive found that this is one probably the best one ive tried.  
Natural Collection Blush in Sugar Plum - This is one of those products your just cannot fault, decent packaging, a cheap price tag, lasts long... there is an endless lists of positives about this product. Although it looks a little scary in the pan (quite purple) when applied and blended out its a beautiful dark/rosey pink colour.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Im sure everybody has heard of this and read at least one review on this product so im not going to sit here and bang on about something thats already been raved to death about. One thing i do won't to know though is why this brand have changed there name from Collection 2000 to Collection yet they still print Collection 2000 on there packaging?
 Collection Lock N Hold in Rock Sand -  I had been looking for a nice nude lipgloss for a while as a lot of ones on the market aren't that pigmented and great. But this one i do love, i like the packaging for a start and at £2.99 you cant really go wrong plus this is super pigmented so there's no need to apply layer after layer. The only downside to this is that its states up to six hour wear, there is no way this is gonna last for 6 hours as it only lasted an hour on me however i can live with that as it ticks all the other boxes for me. 
2True foundation in Sand - Ill be honest in the fact i wasnt sure whether to include this in my favourites as i don't really use it all that much and im not even sure why i purchased it. However the times that i have used it, its been great, it lasts long has a natural coverage and feels weightless on the skin. The only reason i dont use this more is because i like a more medium/full coverage foundation but this would be perfect otherwise. Plus its only £1.99 and at that price foundations aren't normally to good unlike this one.
Rimmel Wow Lash Mascara - Oh how i love this mascara, if your looking for a volumising mascara than this is for you. they also do a mega wow one which ive only tried a couple of times but this one does the job just fine for me. it has a medium sized bristle brush which grabs the lashes really well and only need a couple of coats to make a big difference. To get length as well though i would recommend pairing this with something else as its simply volume only im afraid. 
No7 Lipgloss in Smile -Again another super pigmented and non sticky gloss. This provides a nice colour that lasts for a reasonably long time without being sticky or feeling tacky on the lips. And its a beautiful dusky pink colour which could be paired with so many lipsticks. 
No7 Eyeshadow in Truffle - Im not normally one for eyeshadow however i seem to be going through a phase of gold/brown and anything neutral atm. This ones nicely pigmented with a slight shimmer so could be worn day or night. 
MUA polish - I do love MUA polishes although im not sure they have the best colour range i do like alot of them and like the GOSH one i think this is one of my favourite colours for this season. At £1 you cant really go wrong. 

There we have it my favourite Drugstore products, there are so many more that i love and im always up for trying new things so if you have any favourites then all recommendations are welcome :)



  1. I like the MUA polishes, but I completely agree they should bring out more colours! Have you tried the constellations they now do, nail caviar? At £3 it's a bargain!

    Lana, xo

    1. Yeh i picked up two the other day, just waiting for a chance to try them out :) x

  2. that concealer is one of my all time favourites!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my giveaway to win 30 beauty products inc. essie and more! it's worldwide too!

  3. Look like gr8 products..Haven't tried any tho...will try them
    I just came across ur lovely blog, wanna follow each other
    Let me know... ^_^
    The Sweet Life

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  4. that purple nail polish looks fabulous!

    1. :) its defiantly a great colour for the Autumn!

  5. you've just reminded me how much i love the natural collection blushers... omg! i haven't had one in so long. must repurchase.


    1. I know there really good quality to say there only £1.99 x