Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chritmas Is Coming!

My favourite time of year by far is Christmas, i love everything about it. The tree, the shopping, dark nights even going to buy the turkey gets me excited haha. Therefore i thought now was a great time to post about five things that remind me christmas is on its way ...

The world famous Coca-Cola advert. I know it sounds cheesey but i actually wait for this advert every year lol Its the little tune they do at the end that gets me! 

Christmas Scented Candles, not necessarily Yankee candles but just any that have the spicy/berry scent. This year though ive purchased the Red Berry and Cider Yankee candle which is definatley going to see me through the winter, look at the size of it!

Although they seem to go up earlier and earlier every year, i love to pop down to my local town to check out the lights and the christmas tree especially when its dark. They really light everything up and look amazing.

Starbucks Coffee - every year Starbucks bring out there Christmas favourites and this year ive been craving the gingerbread latte, plus the cups are now red!

When Boots bring there christmas brochure out you know its only a matter of time before you have to have a peak through it, plus christmas gifts are on 3for2 so it makes christmas shopping a whole lot cheaper.


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    I'm happy, I would love you to follow me back and so to keep in touch. I hope you will be excited as I am.

    Spend a good week.
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  2. I love Xmas too! Yankee candles smell sooo good.

    The Style Rawr!

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  4. I love the Yankee Christmas candles!!! I have 3 large jars in my bedroom waiting to be used. Red Apple Wreath is my favourite, it smells amazing!

    Elle xx

    1. I had the Apple wreath wax tart last month and it smelt amazing thought i would try something a little different over christmas though :D

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  6. Yankee Candles and Starbucks Red Cups are two of my favourite Christmas things aswell!


  7. Woo it is beginning to look a like Christmas! I love Christmas lights too :)