Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beauty On A Budget!

What is Beauty On A Budget?
So i thought that it would be a nice idea to do a quick post on dupes or budget friendly versions of products that are "higher priced." Im not comparing the products in any way but simply just giving you a rough idea of similar products that you can get your hands on for at least half the price. I for one love spending money on cosmetics and whilst i like to treat myself to higher end products i do think there are great high street products that are very similar out there. Now like i said before im not going to compare the products as such being that things that work for one person won't always work for others so therefore im just going to talk about the similarities and price of them.

Benefit Porefessional - £23

The Body Shop Pore Minimizer - £7.99
In my opinion these are too products that are very very similar in what they aim to do. Both are designed to minimize the appearance of large pores are work equally as good. Both are a gel like consistency that sinks in very quickly allowing makeup to be applied smoothly.  The only difference is that The Body Shop one is a lot cheaper!

Benefit Dandelion Blush - £21 

w7 Candy Floss Blush - £4

Im a huge fan of Benefit's Dandelion blush and have used it religiously for ages, but when i discovered this candy floss blush by w7 i couldn't help but notice the massive similarities, i do however feel as though Candy floss is slightly paler than dandelion but other than that there almost identical and there both boxed and come with brushes.

OPI Rainbow Connection - £11

Technic Carnival - £1.99

 Glitter nails have become hugely popular in the last year and i think everyone has at least heard of OPI rainbow connection which retails for £11. Which i really like but for just £1.99 you can grab yourself Technic Carnival another multi coloured glitter polish which is similar and is equally as popular. Both consist of multi coloured glitter in large and medium chunks and even have the same sort of bottle!

HD Brows Palette - £22

GOSH eyebrow Palette - £8.99

  Last but not least of two very popular eyebrow palettes, first is the HD Brows kit which has become a staple thanks to Glossy Box, but at £22 i think its a little overpriced so when i hit pan on the dark brown shade i searched around for something similar and brought this little beauty, its very similar in both packaging and content but again for a fraction of the price.

So thats it, hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. Wow the Gosh palette looks really great and a fab dupe for the price :) Dupes are always great!!


  2. those OPI polishes look amazing !

    xx Liyana

  3. Such a great post! I recently did a post similar to this but with jewelry! Great blog! New follower:)

  4. Great post, I love OPI polishes!

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  5. i love these kinds of posts! good job, they all look like really good dupes. following! :)

    x kate

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  7. I need rainbow connection! It's so glamorous!