Sunday, 18 November 2012

Botanics Deep Pore Cleansing Mouse

I can't begin to tell you how much i love this product, its something that has been sitting in the back of my draw for a while and although ive looked at it numerous times ive always though "hmm ill use that soon" and "soon" has just never come lol.

To me this is a cleanser that would be suitable for most skin types, apart from the super oily or the extremely dry ones. But for anybody with normal,dry,oily,combo or even sensitive skin this would work well for. Its a mouse so very gentle and kind to the skin and i find that with mouse products they just seem to last longer as a little goes along way. The packaging is nice as it has a pump meaning its easy to use and travel friendly (although i do find the lid comes off very easily but that shouldn't be a problem).

Containing rosemary to protect and clarify and willow bark to exfoliate and clear it leaves skin feeling clean whilst not being to abrasive and irritating. I also find that it helps to reduce redness as its so gentle (however this may only be the case for some people as it doesn't state that is redness reducing in any way). The cleanser is also oil-free so great for people with oily skin types.

In terms of blemish clearing it does help to combat the amount of blemishes you get as i found that i didn't get hardly any whilst using this. But if you already have existing blemishes it doesn't do a great job of clearing them.

Retailing for around £6 i think this is a really inexpensive but effective cleanser that i will definatley be using more from now on :)   


  1. this cleanser sounds great. I might have to give it a go.

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    all the best xo

  2. I love this product too, i never use it anymore though!
    Thanks for reminding me, haha!

    Great post.