Monday, 12 November 2012

Beauty&Boots Mini Haul

Ive struggled so much over the last few days trying to find something interesting to post about, its coming up to christmas which is normally the most hectic time of year for me but the last week or so has been really quiet and ive literally just been busy doing nothing for a change!

However i have had a trip or three to Boots for christmas pressie shopping but thats a whole other post haha. Today though i thought i would just keep it simple and show you some of the more basic beauty items ive picked up .....

First up is a MUA lipstick i ordered a few weeks back its in the shade "Bare" however on the label it says its Juicy? anyway i checked in store and ive defiantly recieved the right shade. Its a pretty basic Nude to be honest nothing special but just a handy colour to have really and its only £1 ... plus Superdrug have free delivery on until December 4th!

A few deodorants from Sure when i purchased these they were only £1 which is a good deal as there normally around £3. I didn't buy 3 because i stink don't worry!  but simply because whenever there is a offer on i seem to buy every shade/fragrance/colour that is available aha. 

The Nail Doctor "Ridge Filler" (the peach one) - The only nail treatment that is similar to this that i have tried is O.P.I's ridge filler which in my opinion wasn't worth the £11 price tag! This one however cost just £1.99 and its just as good as the O.P.I one.

The Nail Doctor " Nail Brightening Treatment" - Again at £1.99 i feel as though this is a bargain im a little skeptical when it comes to brightening/whitening treatments as a lot of them of rubbish but because im wearing darker colours as we approach winter i thought it would be a good idea to invest in something cheap as my nails get discolored and dull very easily and because its cheap i wont be bothered if this doesn't work wonders.

Tresseme Deep Cleansing Shampoo - I love this stuff and buy it regular, it does state that its for everyday use however i don't really use that much product on my hair just a bit of hairspray now and again so for me using this once a week just to get rid of any product build up is good.

Tresseme Dry Shampoo - After being a firm Batiste lover for many years now i thought i might try another dry shampoo see if it can live up to the much loved Batiste, ive used this a couple times now and it does work but not as good as my Batiste one unfortunately.  

Last but not least are a couple of polishes from tesco's All About Nails collection, i actually think the collection is pretty good if im honest it has a range of different colours from a light pastel yellow to dark emerald greens the shades that i picked however are Raspberry ( a purple/pink) and Sweet Cherry ( a medium red with a pink pearl finish) and they were only £1 each!

While were on that note about Tesco, i thought i would show you the boots i picked up from there a few weeks ago, i own a few pairs of chelsea boots now but they were quite expensive and not really the sort that i would wear to walk the dog in or step out in the snow wearing however when i spotted these i thought they were the perfect pair, they were cheap enough not have to worry about getting dirty but at the same time they don't look that cheap and i think might even  prefer them to a the pair that cost me double the amount ....

Faux Leather Tan Chelsea Boots - £12 Tesco

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  1. Just saw your comment on my latest post, where did you get the other Nail Doctor products? I've been looking for a good ridge filler :) Love the boots! xx

    1. I got mine from a discount shop near to me but im pretty sure ive seen them in Home Bargains as well :)

  2. I love the boots! You've got such a lovely blog! hehe xx

  3. The colour of those shoes are amazing! Loving your blog
    Check out my blog and maybe follow eachother? Just leave a comment.
    I'm soon doing a GIVEAWAY for Christmas. :)

  4. The burgundy boots look great :)

  5. Loving the boots! Check out my blog and maybe follow each other? Just leave a comment.
    I'm soon doing a GIVEAWAY, hopefully for Christmas. :)

  6. Love the boots! :)