Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nail Polish Favourites.

Over the last few months ive been a little obsessed with nail polish and its proberbly one of the items i have brought and have most of. To be honest im more of a high street girl and tend to buy nail polish from brands such as Barry M, Rimmel and Revlon simply because i find that these in particular are of just as good quality as the likes of OPI and China Glaze plus i would rather spend £11 on a few makeup items than one nail polish, thats just me though.  

So onto the actual post before i get carried away chattering haha .....

L-R    No7 Rose Truffle, MUA shade 3, Rimmel Sweet As Sugar, All about Nails Raspberry, OPI Tickle My France-y, Nails Inc St James, Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch.

No7 Rose Truffle - I don't really have a lot of No7 polishes as i find them to be quite expensive for a high street brand but the ones i do have i love and this is defianltley a favourite of mine. With just two coats its opaque with a creamy formula that applies really smoothly. Its a beautiful red rose colour thats quite hard to describe as ive never seen anything quite like it before.

MUA Shade 3 - I love MUA polishes and for just £1 you get a real bargain with them. Ive been loving shade 3 atm as its a great colour for this time of year. A mid purple thats opaque goes on nicely and lasts for ages.

Rimmel Sweet A Sugar - For a couple of weeks now ive been craving pastels and neon colours with having wore reds and purples to death for the last few months, so i decided to treat myself to this. Honestly its the perfect pastel icy blue colour that looks stunning on the nails especially with a coat of Miss sporty's sparkle touch on top.

All About Nails Raspberry - Again the perfect Autumn/winter colour. All About Nails is sold at Tesco's for a measly one pound and have a great range of colours, so i would defiantly check them out if you haven't already.

OPI Tickle My France-y - A great everyday nude polish, goes on smoothly have a nice high gloss finish and will proberbly be on my nails a lot of the next year.

Nails Inc St James - Now here's a brand that i would like to have a nice big collection of, i think they do a wonderful range of colours and although there pricey i will defiantly be looking into purchasing more colours maybe a few bright shades for summer? St James however is a bright mail box kind of red that suits everybody and goes with everything.

Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch - Im not sure that this is called sparkle touch, but whatever its called its a great glitter polish and one that ive never seen anything quite like. A lot of the glitter polishes i own are mixed glitters with all different sized chunks. This one though is a clear base packed with blue and purple and iridescent glitter of different sizes.

So there are my nail polish favourites thanks for reading and i should have another haul coming soon.


  1. I am a massive O.P.I fan, but I do get polishes cheaper because I have a sallys card. I do find that high street nail polishes are getting a lot better. I remember before that any high street branded nail polish I bought would peel off in one go after a day. Eww, not good! You've got a really pretty collection of colours there :) x

    1. Yeh they have got alot better especially Rimmel and Maybelline ones, Thanks x

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  3. nails inc London. LOVE LOVE LOVE.Great post!


  4. Oh you have some gorgeous polishes, lucky girl! I love nails inc, they always stay on really well and only need one or two coats


  5. love your polish picks, that OPI looks like the perfect nude! xxx

  6. Great nailvarnishes, I love the MUA one! :)