Saturday, 7 July 2012

Burts Bees - Head To Toe

So i was in John Lewis just a few days ago when i spotted the Burt's Bees starter kits. I know most of you will probably of already tried these if not brought the full sized products, but being a virgin to Burts Bees products i knew i had to try them. I had heard alot of good things about them so i went ahead and tried the Head To Toe Starter Kit. The Products are nicely packaged, and the best thing about them is that they are all made of natural ingredient. The kit is £14.99 and includes...

Beeswax lip balm - The first of the products i tried was the lip balm, to be honest i was expecting it the be a little average, to do its job but not to be amazing or anything special. But its actually really good and defiantly something i want to repurchase. Its smooth to apply and not greasy or tacky at all, when you first apply it you get a subtle minty taste and smell. However it only lasts a few minutes and when the lip balm has soaked in a little it leaves lips feeling really soft and unlike most lip balms/chap sticks you don't have to apply every half hour to keep those baby soft lips.
Hand Slave - Is a wax in which you rub all over your hands leaving them feeling soft and smelling nice. I actually was in to minds whether this would be a little greasy for my hands as im not normally a big fan of wax based products. But this soaks in really quickly and is super easy to apply. 
Coconut Foot Cream - I would say this is more like a gel than a cream which is good because it takes less time to soak in and get working. I normally apply this once a day and i can already see improvements. its not a overpowering cheap smelling coconut, it actually smells quite subtle and works really well especially on the heels and around the ankles where dry skin is most likely to appear.
Soap Bark & Chamomile cleansing cream - As i have quite oily skin on my face i didn't really get to use this product as it was to rich for my skin type :( however this would be perfect for normal/dry skin as its quite a thick moisturizing cleansing cream.
Peppermint & Rosemary body wash - Love love love the smell of this stuff. Im not really convinced i can smell the rosemary but the peppermint smells amazing and overall it lathers up well and doesn't dry out the skin which is all you really need in a good shower gel!
Milk & Honey body lotion - This does indicate that it is for normal to dry skin however i have pretty oily skin on my body to and this still worked really good for me. It apply's well soaks in quickly and after using it for a couple of days i started to see improvement around my knees and elbows where my skin is the driest. Defiantly another product i would purchase in full size.


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