Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Inexpensive Beauty

Don't we all like to treat our self now and then? and whilst high end brands are normally great quality and look pretty, there is other brands out there that do the same thing for less money. As not everybody can afford such expensive products on such a regular basis. MUA and Natural Collection are just two of the many brands that i have come across offering good quality products that work but with a cheaper price tag. 

MUA - is a brand sold through Superdrug, however you can purchase there products through their website MUA. The idea behind the brand is that "great makeup doesn't need to cost the earth." Whilst there basic line costs as little as £1 you can also purchase primers, palettes and foundations all for under £4. They offer everything from blushes, nail polish, mascaras etc. All products come in good but basic packaging and are good quality. Here's just a few i own...

MUA Products




Natural Collection - Sold at Boots, Natural Collection also sells a wide range of products such as Blushes and Lipsticks, that come with a cheap price tag. Most products are priced at around £1.99, with the exception of there bath/body products which are around the £3 mark. All products are good quality and as the name suggests, are as natural as possible. You can purchase them here on the boots website...



  1. I love natural collection products, and have a lot of the items you do. I particularly like the eyeshadows and lip colours. It's great that there really are some cheap high street brands that do the job just as well as the high-end stuff!


  2. MUA is amazing considering how cheap it is. Great value!


    1. yep can't wait to get my hands on there new undressed palette x